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Live Soundscape: Treehouse Improv

March 28, 2010

I did live soundscaping at the SEA Change Gallery, as part of an interactive event put on by Cherie Blackfeather called Imagination Reclamation ~ Coming to Our Senses, as part of a month-long series of events called Apathy Rehabilitation Project put on by The Village Building Convergence.

It was a lot of fun. I was perched in a little, cozy treehouse-like perch above the gallery floor with my laptop, mixer, sampler. Buddha Machine, etc.
The mix consisted of multiple Buddha loops, Aeolian wind harp sounds, some tape collages I made over 15 years ago, Elizabeth Claire Prophet and a ten-second sample of Flora Purim run through an audio blender, some heavily processed didgeridoo loops, cats, bees, birds and a chorus of frogs.
The following audio is the off-the-board recording, so you miss all of the wordless play sounds of the event participants. I only edited out one chunk in the middle where I played something I didn’t make myself, so I could climb down the ladder to take a pee, eat some hors d’oeuvres and go outside to smoke a cigarette.
Fun show. Many people at the event looked like neon colored mudmen, they were so splattered with paint.

Download (1 hour 40 mins, 137 megs @ 192kbps)


Rapture Mix: Something Terrible’s Happening

October 4, 2009

Here’s something Tommy Hollywood and I mixed up the other night when we co-hosted The Outside World.
The Rupture happened while we were doing the radio show?. Was anyone Left Behind to listen to it?
Those of us still here can listen to it now.

It was an old Christian record entitled The Rapture, some sounds from War of the Worlds (the 50′s movie), stellar noise, bug noises, Tommy synth loops, elks mating and so much more.


Echoplex Kitchenette w/Horns

May 16, 2009

Part 1

Part 2(Horn Interlude)

Part 3

From 1984 (or thereabouts) comes Echoplex Kitchenette with Horns.
It features David Harlan on synth and electronics, Andrew Lindsay on voices and keys, Richard Lindsay on noises, electric guitar and kitchen utensils and possibly Paul Wilson on larynx and inspiration.
Recorded live in Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Lindsay’s kitchen and featuring a homemade echoplex unit. With horns.

Download all:
Echoplex Kitchenette (w/Horns)


John C. Lilly

February 6, 2009


Weird ambient electronic album with brief snippets of evolutionary scientist John C. Lilly speaking on his theories and intoning exercises.
I don’t know much about this.
The only people who can be tangentially credited with the concept appear to be engineer Tetsuya Ishikawa and producers Yasuhiko Suga and Tetra Tanizaki with music by P.B.C., Spice Barons and The Heavenly Music Corporation, all of whom I have never heard of.

I just found it at a thrift store and found it a bit odd, especially since I rarely find interesting music at thrift stores anymore.

It’s also definitely out-of-print, so fits my personal download policy.

Update: I initially wrote an unenthusiastic review of this album when I first found years ago it – but have definitely grown rather fond of it on subsequent listens. Note how many times I’ve played bits of it on shows over the years.

Download (re-upped 10/12/11. You’re welcome :/)


The Weatherman’s Family Tapes

December 21, 2008

Over at Negativland’s new, snazzy website, The Weatherman (aka David Wills) has been releasing tons of his famous family tapes for your listening enjoyment. These tapes have been the basis for many songs by Negativland, Over the Edge radio shows and many of his family’s unique phrases have been incorporated into the lexicon of Negativland/OTE. Many of his family tapes figure prominently in the releases The Weatherman’s Dumb Stupid Come Out Line and The Willsaphone Stupid Show.

Right now he’s got up a very lengthy, two part tape featuring his family playing Scrabble together and other surprises. It’s strangely hypnotic. I suspect it probably sounds like most people’s family and one could easily all asleep listening to it and be transported back in time to some weird childhood memory. The Weatherman’s Grandma sounds uncannily like mine, who passed away in 2001.

It probably helps that I’m listening to it with Viragelic playing in the background.

Consider it ambient Christmas spoken word.


Music for Dreaming Androids

December 17, 2008

doandroidsdreamsignet1969A few months ago, I was pressed to fill in at the last minute for someone from the hours of 3am to 6am.

I hadn’t prepared anything, but concocted a show around the audio book of Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. This is perhaps my favorite PKD novel. It took me a long time, but I can now easily enjoy this novel as a completely separate work from Blade Runner, my favorite movie. I would love to someday see this novel get a movie treatment that followed the plot and tone of the book to the degree that Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly did the novel it came from.

The audio book, with readings my Matthew Modine and Calista Flockart isn’t too bad.

I mixed it with drone-y ambient music (much of it the work of Bill Laswell and Mick Harris, with a smattering of LaibachKunstDerFuge) and audio clips about Philip K. Dick and other surprises.

my intent was to create something that both insomniacs and dreamers alike could enjoy.

Rather than stitch the whole show together (It is three hours long), I thought I would serialize it here, as long as folks are interested.

Download Part one


Sonic Stew for Richard Wright

September 27, 2008

Here’s a spontaneous radio stew that was brewed up at a moment’s notice on last night’s Outside World, with ingredients selected by Yaney, Mssrs Dodge and Phillip and mixed by yours truly.

We played this at about 2AM, seemingly only to some nice lady who wandered in off the streets and was tripping out to it in the back studio lounge.

Download ( 23 mins., 32 megs, via)

::::I am experiencing problems uploading this, but am posting the article anyway. The YouSendit option is a temporary workaraound, I should have the link issue resolve soon. I apologize for any inconvenience.:::



May 15, 2007


I typed Generative Music into Google and found Viragelic, a cool little java-based Flash web page that will generate a simple little composition and play it for you. It starts out rather simple, and then gets somewhat complex. It’s lovely and weird, It’s weirdly lovely.
Check it out!


Kill Ugly Radio Presents: Stranger Than Fiction II: Equinox

April 28, 2007

This is the follow-up to my personal nostalgic romp from February. As tag-team partner to Mr. B., the other half of the so-called Octave Doctors, Equinox would take over the board at 3:30 AM or so and would play a mix of space-rock, ambient and prog-rock until the sun came up. His mostly-instrumental mix made a great soundtrack for my all-night drawing binges. It made it easier for me to visualize some of the bizarre, otherwordly stuff I’d dream up in the trance-like state that type of music was capable of. It was also the first time I was aware of the power of mixing music together to form a new composition. Eno would blend into Van Der Graaf Generator, which would morph into Peter Gabriel. Whoever the mysterious Equinox was, he certainly knew how to warp space and time with his musical selections.

Here’s an iTunes mix that I’ve been listening to for a while that is very evocative of the kind of music he would play. For the complete effect, I like to listen to this immediately after the previous STF mix when I’m desk-bound in long projects (now you know why part one ends with an intermission bit).


  1. KraftwerkNachrichten
  2. GongMagick Mother Invocation
  3. Steve Hillage - Activation Meditation/The Glorious OM Riff
  4. Arthur Brown2024
  5. KraftwerkIt’s More Fun To Compute
  6. Brian EnoPaw Paw Negro Blowtorch/Baby’s on Fire
  7. Godley and Creme - Flood
  8. Peter GabrielAt the Powerstation
  9. Robert FrippWatermusic I
  10. Peter GabrielHere Comes the Flood
  11. Robert FrippWatermusic II
  12. Eno and ClusterThe Belldog
  13. VangelisTo The Unknown Man
  14. Jean Michel JarreEquinoxe Part 1
  15. OMDArchitecture and Morality
  16. Godley & CremeArt School Canteen
  17. King CrimsonThe Sheltering Sky
  18. XTC - Jason and the Argonauts
  19. Talking HeadsDrugs

Download ( 90 mins. 80 megs.)


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