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Meet the Meat Beetles

May 3, 2007

Sometimes when taking a long break from finding cool music, cool music finds you instead.

The well-named Wongo Starr dropped me a line to let us know about his cool sampledelic band the Meat Beatles. Fantastic tape manipulation, turn-tablisms and great use of sampling are contained herein.

The lengthy track Backwards Devil Music #13 had me chortling coffee out my nose this morning.

They’re so good, I wonder why I haven’t heard of them before.

Go check ‘em out!



January 13, 2007

A Big 10-8 Place
Seeland Records

The follow up to 1981’s Points has Negativland fine-tuning their homespun audio collage to mind-blowing proportions. It also introduces more thematically tied material and a narrative story structure of sorts (albeit a very dada one) thanks in no small part to uber-nerd and band mascot/muse/technician David ‘The Weatherman’ Wills. This also introduces a very deft use of tape collage (thanks to the newly joined Don Joyce), which forms the first part of this two piece epic, which is so mind-pummeling magnificent and at times resembles Frank Zappa’s Lumpy Gravy. The second major section is an extended story narrated by the Weatherman that is very silly and surreal and introduces lots of trademarked words and phrases into the Negativland lexicon – featuring also an apparently real argument between Wills and his mother. The back of the craftily packaged CD tells you to listen to this loud with headphones on, which may be the case, but you’ll feel like your brain has been soaking in Formula 409 afterwards.
Highly recommended.

Fetch My Cigarettes

Inexplicably, the first two albums, which I posted last summer, are still active.
Check them out here and here.


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