Radio Lost and Found for January 2014

January 12, 2014

Here’s Radio Lost and Found for January, the first show of 2014.



10:00pm KBOO Community Radio Promo Spots – Promo Spots
10:02pm Deodato – Also Sprach Zarathrustra (2001: A Space Odyssey) – 7″
10:03pm Murray Saul – 6/11/76 – The Get Downs, Vol. I
10:08PM Set break — Music Behind DJ: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics
10:08pm Gerty Molzen – Walk On The Wild Side – Von Flensburg nach New York (Lieder aus 60 Jahren Bühne) [Remastered]
10:13pm Camarata Contemporary Chamber Orchestra – The Woman Who Talks Too Much – The Electronic Spirit Of Erik Satie
10:15pm Camarata Contemporary Chamber Orchestra – Sketches And Exasperation Of A Big Boob Made Of Wood – The Electronic Spirit Of Erik Satie
10:20pm Andre Popp and His Orchestra -Perles De Cristal – Delirium In Hi-Fi
10:23pm Horace Silver -Acid, Pot or Pills – Total Response
10:28pm Richard Hayman & Walter Sear -Revolution / Where Have All the Flowers Gone – Electronic Evolutions
10:36pm Slow motion babys laughing, multiple instances, simultaneously playing – YouTube
10:37pm Unknown kid on YouTube Pizza Roll Challenge, multiple instances, simultaneously playing – YouTube
10:39pm Chrome – Anything – Half Machine From the Sun, The Lost Tapes – 79-80
10:42pm Chrome – Salt – Half Machine From the Sun, The Lost Tapes – 79-80
10:46pm Chrome – Looking For Your Door – Half Machine From the Sun, The Lost Tapes – 79-80
10:54pm Chrome – Tomorrow Yesterday – Half Machine From the Sun, The Lost Tapes – 79-80
11:00pm Orchid – Spangiafora Dime Operation – Flee Past’s Ape Elf (Reissue)
11:09pm Orchid – Spangiafora Short Piece – Flee Past’s Ape Elf (Reissue)
11:09pm Orchid – Spangiafora Gulf – Flee Past’s Ape Elf (Reissue)
11:11pm Orchid – Spangiafora Distiller – Flee Past’s Ape Elf (Reissue)
11:12pm Orchid – Spangiafora Summertime – Flee Past’s Ape Elf (Reissue)
11:17pm Orson Welles – Paul Masson Wine Commercial Outtakes – Youtube
11:18pm Orson Welles – Jolly Green Giant Voice-Over Melt-down Tape – Youtube
11:22pm Cabaret Voltaire – Nag, Nag, Nag – The Original Sound of Sheffield – ’78/’82
11:26pm Fad Gadget – Ricky’s Hand – Machines Compilation
11:30PM Set break — Music Behind DJ: Vampire Sound Incorporated – Countdown To Nowhere
11:32pm Earl Long – Right Brain (Left Brain) – Term Two
11:35pm Earl Long – As Per Request – Term Two
11:37pm Earl Long – Bosun’s Mate – Term Two
11:39pm Earl Long – Tuk-Tuk – Term Two
11:44pm Sol Mogerman -Guitar Chimes – Wishbone Bridge
11:45pm Sol Mogerman – Softly Softness – Wishbone Bridge
11:47pm Sol Mogerman – Wind Chimes – Wishbone Bridge
11:52pm Sol Mogerman – Are You Lonely? – Wishbone Bridge
11:55pm Sol Mogerman – Turkey Roll – Wishbone Bridge
11:58pm Shooby Taylor – SomeWhere Over the Rainbow – The Human Horn


Various Artists: Voices of the Angels (Spoken Words)

January 4, 2014


The first in a series of three gargantuan Spoken-Word double-LP sets produced by Harvey Kubernik on his Freeway Records label.

Like the other two, this features bonafide Poets such as Wanda Coleman, Charles Bukowski, Dennis Cooper and others but also a smattering of the who’s who of the L.A. Punk scenesterati – Pleasant Gehman, Geza X, Chuck Dukowski (Black Flag, SWA) and some names and bands that might be familiar to more astute Angelino Punk watchers (The Marina Swingers, BPeople, among others).

There’s an extra-heavy emphasis on surfing, Valleys and other SoCal aspects of life, c. 1982. This one’s much more thematic about the whole L.A. lifestyle weltanschauung than the ensuing two albums to come (English As A Second Language and Neighborhood Rhythms – both of which I’ve posted before).  There’s also a lot less music than the other albums, with much more emphasis on poetry and prose.

Download (224.8 megs)


Kill Ugly Radio 12/26/13

December 27, 2013


I did a last minute substitution slot on KBOO Community Radio and here it is.



10:00pm KBOO Community Radio Promo Spots
10:01pm Lalo Schifrin – What’s Wrong? – THX-1138 OST
10:04pm John Lennon – “..I had a lot of loops…” – sample, looping
10:06pm Kraftwerk – The Telephone Call (remix) - Electric Cafe
10:15pm L. Ron Hubbard – The Drone – Battlefield Earth
10:18pm Sketch Erickson – Music: What The World Needs Now Is Love – Sketch Sounds Off
10:22pm David Noebel – Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez: Communists! – The Marxist Minstrels
10:25pm Sketch Erickson – Music: Back Seat Love – Sketch Sounds Off
10:27pm Think – Once You Understand – 7″
10:31pm The Weatherman – Go To The Church – The Weatherman’s dumb blog
10:35pm Sketch Erickson – Movies – Sketch Sounds Off
10:37pm Wink Martindale – America, An Affirmation – 7″
10:41pm Jack Shea – The Monitors are your friends.. – The Monitors (1969 film)
10:41pm Gary S. Paxton – The Big A = The Big M – 7″
10:44pm Set break —
10:46pm Chezney Hawks – Rolf Wank Track – DJ Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD
10:52pm Vomit – Rolf Has Beans – DJ Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD
10:53pm Toecutter – I Milk Myself – DJ Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD
10:56pm The Mushroom Tabernacle Choir – 12 Drugs of Christmas – 7″
10:59pm Set break — I.D.
11:00pm Gétatchèw Mèkurya & The Ex & Guests – Aymotche Terabu/Shemonmwanaye – Moa Anbessa
11:12pm This Heat – Twilight Furniture – This Heat
11:16pm Chrome – Half Machine Lip Moves – Half Machine Lip Moves
11:19pm Sadjeljko – Float Boats – Music Of Shinkoyo
11:20pm Stefan Tcherepnin – Motor Lodge Dance – Music Of Shinkoyo
11:22pm The German Shepherds – Let the Night Roar – Dear Jodie 7″
11:24pm Chrome – Half Machine Lip Moves/Abstract Nympho – Half Machine Lip Moves
11:29pm Set break — Music Behind DJ: Lucho Bermúdez vs JUD JUD
11:29pm The Fall – How I Wrote Elastic Man – The Rough Trade Singles Box
11:33pm The Fall – City Hobgoblins – The Rough Trade Singles Box
11:36pm The Fall – Totally Wired – The Rough Trade Singles Box
11:41pm The Weatherman – Drone for the End of the World/Untitled Family Tape, 1970s – The Weatherman’s dumb blog
11:51pm L. Ron Hubbard – Wind Splitter – Battlefield Earth
11:55pm Slim Goodbody – Down Down Down – The Inside Story
11:59pm L. Ron Hubbard – L’Envoi – Thank You For Listening (excerpt) – Path To Freedom


Radio Lost and Found for December 2013

December 14, 2013

This was a pretty crazy show. Lots of people at the station, in the air room, a loud band jamming in the adjacent studio, lots of technical difficulties, it being Friday the 13th.
Some pretty crazy mixing from Jim Larrance and I in the second half. We had a lot of fun, even though it was a nightmare to document what we did.




10:00PM Leonard Pennario “March of the Lunatics” from “The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario”
10:01PM Animals Within Animals “Four-Letter Edit” from “Produce, Abuse, Resample”
10:02PM Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark “Radio Waves” from “Dazzle Ships”
10:05PM The Sons of Silence “Golden Age of Men’s Music” from “Silence FM”
10:08PM The Tape Beatles “Waves” from “Music With Sound”
10:11PM Emergency Broadcast Network “3:7:8 (Bones Mix)” from “3:7:8″
10:14PM Life Records “Honesty” from “Honesty”
10:15PM Styro2000 “Culture” from “Toywar Lullabyes”
10:20PM Boyd Rice & Daniel Miller “Cleanliness and Order” from “Darker Skratcher”
10:23PM The German Shepherds “Dear Jodie” from “Dear Jodie 7″”
10:28PM Flak Mask “These Landscaping Enhancements” from “These Landscaping Enhancements”
10:35PM Sketch Erickson “Pop Goes America” from “Sketch Sounds Off”
10:41PM Don McMillen “”an atom walks into a bar..”” from “341 Megabytes of Comedy”
10:48PM This Heat “Twilight Furniture” from “This Heat”
10:52PM Chrome “Zombie Warfare (Can’t Let You Down)” from “Half Machine Lip Moves”
10:58PM Set break — The Noveltones – Left Bank 2
11:01PM Keith Milton Reinhardt “Found Recording” from “The Aquarian Foundation, Seattle”
11:05PM Sir Richard Bishop “Graviton Polarity Generator” from “Graviton Polarity Generator”
11:08PM Walt Disney “Conquest of Space” from “YouTube”
11:09PM Ray Gallon “Part Two” from “Nam June Paik – A Work For Radio”
11:22PM Set break — Music Behind DJ: Ernie Hood – Ollie
11:22PM Walt Disney “More of Man’s Conquest of Space” from “YouTube”
11:25PM Tim Maloney “Shatner” from “Free Speech for Sale”
11:26PM Walter Carlos “What’s New Pussycat?” from “By Request”
11:28PM The Button “The Door Is Closing” from “Free Speech For Sale”
11:29PM Richard Hayman & Walter Sear “Goin’ Out Of My Head” from “Electronic Evolutions”
11:31PM Leif Jensen “C.B. Terms (Part II)” from “How To CB”
11:35PM Brain Science “Public Radio” from “Free Speech for Sale”
11:35PM Jim Larrance “God In A Linoleum Roll” from “cutupsound.com”
11:37PM Andre Popp and His Orchestra “Perles De Cristal” from “Delirium In Hi-Fi”
11:41PM Jim Larrance “Black Friday” from “The Echo of That Word”
11:43PM Cassetteboy “Cassetteboy vs The News” from “YouTube”
11:45PM Ralf Paulsen “Bonanza” from “YouTube”
11:47PM Unknown Kid “”..have you ever had a dream that you could do anything?”” from “YouTube: http://goo.gl/v8g0n” — Many versions playing at once, looping
11:48PM Randy Quaid/Christmas Vacation “”Merry Christmas! Sh*tter was full!”” from “YouTube: http://goo.gl/vx9aX” — Many versions playing at once, looping
11:51PM Set break — Music Behind DJ: Harlem Nocturne – Found here: http://goo.gl/P3QaiX
11:54PM Richard Christenson “Spires” from “Muve”
11:57PM Slim Goodbody “Your Mouth is a House” from “The Inside Story”
12:00AM Sol Mogerman “Fire Engines” from “Wishbone Bridge”


Radio Lost and Found for November 2013

November 11, 2013

Radio Lost and Found for November. My show was preempted – sort of – for the big 1968 show with Dr. Zomb and Alejandro C.

This month, I had quite a lot of new stuff – the brand-new soundtrack to Tartovsky’s Solaris, some found stuff and some crazy, frenzied fretwork by Sol Mogerman.

Here’s the show. Enjoy!



11/08/2013 10:00PM to 12:00AM
10:00PM Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
10:02PM Dennis Duck – Intro – Dennis Duck Does Disco
10:03PM Accutrac – Owner’s Introduction – Accutrac 4000: Seeing Is Believing
10:05PM The Hawaiian Pups – Baby Judy (Extended Mix) – Split Second Precision
10:09PM The Fine Young Cannibals – Good Times and Bad – Johnny Come Home 7
10:12PM John Cooper Clarke – I Don’t Want To Be Nice – Disguise in Love
10:15PM James White And The Blacks – Contort Yourself – Off White
10:21PM Cabaret Voltaire – Walls of Jerico – Living Legends
10:29PM The Severed Heads – Estrogen – Cuisine With Piscatorial
>10:34PM Set break — Music behind DJ: Vampire Sound Incorporation – The Lions and the Cucumber
10:34PM Sol Mogerman – Intro/Wishbone Bridge – Wishbone Bridge
10:36PM Sol Mogerman – Secret Garden – Wishbone Bridge
10:45PM Sol Mogerman – Listen to the Wind – Wishbone Bridge
10:46PM Sol Mogerman – Fire Engines – Wishbone Bridge
10:48PM Sol Mogerman – Wishbone Bridge – Wishbone Bridge
10:52PM Set break — Music behind DJ: Vampire Sound Incorporation – The Lions and the Cucumber
10:52PM Eduard Artemiev – Solaris Movements I – V – Solaris
11:13PM Set break — Promo Spot – back-announcing
11:15PM Muslimgauze – Shadow Of The West – Rape of Palestine — Many songs mixed together past this point
11:21PM C.B. Anderson and Robert F. Woods – What Is Spirit? – Guess Who’s Here? God!
11:23PM Muslimgauze – The Muslim City – Rape of Palestine
11:26PM Roche Industries – Interpreting Heart Sounds – 7
11:29PM C.B. Anderson and Robert F. Woods – God Is More: True or False – Guess Who’s Here? God!
11:29PM Chris and Cosey – Re-Education Through Labour – Trance
11:35PM Flak Mask – These Landscaping Enhancements – These Landscaping Enhancements
11:36PM Wink Martindale – America, An Affirmation – 7
11:40PM Princess Ramona – Then I Start to Yodel – Yodeling Praises Unto The Lord
11:42PM Tammy Faye Bakker – Oops, There Comes A Smile – Oops, There Comes A Smile
11:44PM Dick Kent – Chewing Gum – 7
11:47PM Knife Lust – Shrivel Up – KROQ Presents: Devotees
11:49PM Set break — Music Behind DJ: Chris N’ Cosey: Cowboys In Cuba
11:51PM Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities – Giant Broom – Music Of Shinkoyo
11:56PM Carson Halegar – Hart Projections In 4D – Music Of Shinkoyo
11:57PM Shooby Taylor – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – The Human Horn


Rock or Die!: Punk Rock Compilation

October 26, 2013


I’ve put together this online compilation of my favorite Punk and 80s Hardcore songs.
The thing that inspired me to finally do this was a show I did with my friend Jeff Kipilman on KBOO fairly recently. Many of the songs from this comp. were played on that show but we didnt have the time to play all of them. After the show ran, I collected all the songs and leftovers into this comp. (with lots to spare). These are literally my all-time favorite Punk and Hardcore songs.

I tried, where possible, to make it as obscure and eclectic as possible. I passed on bands or tracks that appear on virtually every Punk comp. or bands that really don’t need any introduction to anyone. I also made it so that almost nothing on it happened after 1984 or so because after that, I can almost count the ‘punk’ bands that I found interesting on one hand. The supposition of the comp. is that Punk happened between the mid-Seventies to the mid-Eighties. The rest was just about selling shoes and soft drinks.
In some instances, I played more than one contiguous track from some records because that’s how I remember them – either played on the radio back-in-the-day or from mix-tapes I either made or got from friends, collectors, etc..
It’s just the way I wanted to do it.

A few caveats about quality: The whole thing originated from mix-tapes I’ve had since the early-mid-eighties, sources on the web in the ensuing decades and from my own collection. Like lots of projects like this, the audio quality varies widely. Some rarer songs were actually sourced from my mix tapes from my collection and I’ve been too busy (or lazy – take your pick) to look for better ones. Please don’t bother whining about audio quality or bitrate. I put a lot of work into preparing this. If you don’t like it, go spend all your money on the Killed By Death series and leave me alone.

Download: Rock or Die! (133 megs)

Comments vs downloads:
Comment: 1  Downloads: 27


A Different Nature 9/23/13: Uneasy Listening pt. I

September 24, 2013

Having to prepare a program for A Different Nature just crept up on me this month (we do this show with about seven rotating hosts), so I picked a bunch of noisy releases that have been stacking up in my inbox or have enjoyed listening to lately. Sometimes you need some pure noise to clean out your skull.



Playlist (artist – title – album (label)):
Fat Worm of Error – Wipeless Two – Ambivalence And The Beaker (Rescipiscent)
Fat Worm of Error – Return Of The Thin White Dook – Ambivalence And The Beaker
Fat Worm of Error – Mashed Potentate – Ambivalence And The Beaker
Fat Worm of Error – Golden Nozzle – Ambivalence And The Beaker
Fat Worm of Error – Touchless – Ambivalence And The Beaker
Fat Worm of Error – Ambivalence And The Beaker – Ambivalence And The Beaker
Fat Worm of Error – Foaming Study – Ambivalence And The Beaker
Earwicker – Very Large Array ‎– The All Seeing Ear (Rescipiscent)
Earwicker – Claritas Cluster Fuck ‎– The All Seeing Ear
Earwicker – Pentagono Dose ‎– The All Seeing Ear
Earwicker – Self Love ‎– The All Seeing Ear
Chu Ishikawa – Iron Music – Tetsuo Complete Box (Sony Music Japan International Inc.)
Tarantism – Echoes Of The Underbrush ‎– Stuck To The Bottom (Rescipiscent)
Tarantism – The Cowl Apparatus ‎– Stuck To The Bottom
Tarantism – Trilobyte Waltz ‎– Stuck To The Bottom
Tarantism – Transmisions From The Xerophyte ‎– Stuck To The Bottom
Alp – Disk Drive/Kettle/Washing Machine – At Home With Alp (Soleilmoon Recordings)
Alp – Disk Drive/Microwave Oven/Photocopier – At Home With Alp
Alp – Microwave Oven/Electric Oven/Pan of Boiling Water – At Home With Alp
Philip Johnson – My Friends – Radio City (self-released cassette)
Philip Johnson – American Intelligence – Radio City
Philip Johnson – Parliament 1 – Radio City
Philip Johnson – At The Old Bailey – Radio City


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