Kill Ugly Radio 666:

October 10, 2005

Back in the day, one of our favorite things around this time of the year, was the Halloween programming offered by various DJs over the years on KBOO, Portland’s listener supported FM radio station.
First I used to listen to the nearly six-hour long mix offered up by Mr. B and Equinox. They played a pretty tame show, mainly lots of novelty Halloween songs mixed in with Punk, New Wave and the occasional prog-rock track, all with a horror/supernatural theme.
Later in the mid-eighties, it was the Autonomy Hour, which featured Post-Punk and Industrial/Noise every Thursday night , and their Halloween program was always frightening and dark. Kathy Fors took over the reigns of that program after rotating hosts and her Halloween programs continued to get darker every year. Lots of industrial and extreme Gothic music (before the genre had a formula) played equal time with movie soundbites and real life serial killer interviews. Extreme Christian whacko music played over the top of apparently genuine satanic music. I tried to catch her show every year, and have taped many hours of it.
In that light(?) we offer the following mix of creepy music and sound.
We can’t claim to be able to make you convulse with dread, as her programs did, but hope you accept this little trick or treat in the spirit it’s offered.
Happy Samhain.
Bill ‘Sabaab, -Man with an Aim.

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  1. Cut and Paste in Browser:

    [audio src="http://vision-nary.com/chardman/sounds/kill_ugly_radio/Kill_Ugly_Radio_666/An_Ugly_All_Hallow's_Eve.mp3" /]


  2. Kill Ugly Radio 666
    An Ugly All Hallow’s Eve 2005

    1.Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
    2.Wendy Carlos – The Shining
    3.Diamanda Galas – The Dance- Holokaftoma
    4.Laibach – Vade Retro Satanas
    5.Psychic TV – Unclean
    6.Lalo Schifrin – Night Gallery
    7.Jerry Goldsmith – The Omen
    8.Krzystzof Komeda – Rosemary’s Baby
    9.Fantomas – Rosemary’s Baby
    10.Eugene Chadbourne – Psycho Birdcage
    11.Laibach – Ti, Ki Izzivas [outro]
    12.Marc Ribot – Empty
    13.Phonequail – Last Meal Hotline
    14.NON – Medici Mass
    15.Big City Orchestra – Open Wide
    16.Psychic TV – The Full Pack
    17.UN – Videodrome is Death
    18.Dead Can Dance – I Am Stretched On Your Grave
    19.Death In June – Bring On The Night
    20.Laibach – Sympathy for the Devil

    Autonomously Dedicated to Kathy Fors.}

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