All about Dick

April 14, 2006

Over the Edge has been featuring lots of classic culture-jam mind fuck from their past.
There’s a big blowout of programs featuring Richard Lyons, perhaps the second most recognizable voice from Negativland (right after the Weatherman) in all of his Dick incarnations.

The series refocuses on one individual, Richard Lyons, founding member of Negativland, whose radio characters (Pastor Dick, Dick Goodbody, and Dick Vaughn) have graced OTE programs since the early 80s. We review this “legend of radio” through many segments of Pastor Dick shows, including endless Bible Quizzes, and then on to Dick Goodbody contests on TV and commercial product trivia. An uncertain genius of how radio isn’t done.

There’s a lot of Pastor Dick, the used car salesman-turned-radio trivia host Dick Goodbody and of course Dick Vaughn of Moribund Music of the Seventies fame and misfortune.
Prerequisite: a tolerance for RealPlayer formats and a heavy sense of kitsch and irony.
Listen to this jerk wreck his own concept.


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