Biochemical Dread (Richard H. Kirk)

July 24, 2006

Bush Doctrine

With things heating up in the Middle East, and our dear leader doing his Little Dictator act, I thought I’d dust off this rather apocalyptic CD and give it a listen again.
Another Richard H. Kirk project, this one sounding more like Cabaret Voltaire than, well – the last few Cabaret Voltaire albums. Bush Doctrine has a live, jamming quality to it, as if he was tinkering with the samples in real time with the master tape rolling. Which indeed he may have been. The album is raw and anarchic, as it should be, given the subject matter. And, as with other Kirk projects and Cab Volt, he uses samples for texture, rather than context. So the piece as a whole is intended to document our showdown in the Gulf, there is not a single recognizable voice or sound bite. Instead we hear eerie, disembodied shortwave radio voices, blips and beeps and distorted, dissonant ambiances. It provides the perfect soundtrack for channel surfing the apocalypse. The closing track, We Got Weapons is a meltdown of distortion and heavy drum beats that brings to mind a cybernetically rebuilt Nag Nag Nag, coming in to finish us off.
Highly recommended.

Right here. (MegaUpload)


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