King Crimson

July 28, 2006

The ConstruKction Of Light
Virgin Total

Yet another configuration of Crim. Here they are in Post-Double Trio form – long-time members Tony Levin (Bass , Stick) and Bill Bruford (Drums) having departed – leaving Belew, Fripp and relative newbies Gunn and Mastelotto to hold down duties. This is one of the most dense and complex KC albums too date. Another stab at Lark’s Tongue in Aspic and some not-too different sounding, multi-part instrumentals make up the bulk of it, and the vocal songs are great as well. Even though AMG gave this album a bad review, I find it more of a focused effort than the previous one, ThraK, which was an uneasy mix of KC’s savage rock with meditative ballads that were more than a little overwrought. Also, it certainly sets the stage for the next album.
The version I’m posting includes a song that Adrian Belew wrote called ‘I Have a Dream’ that was subsequently cut from the album due to pressure from the label, among other things.

ConstruKction of Light


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