August 1, 2006

Feeding of the 5000
Crass Records

Taking a break from all the Laswell/Axiom stuff for a guilty pleasure blast from the past.
The debut long player from Britain’s Anarcho-collective Crass is an amazing record. As unmusical as some if it sounds even today, I can’t help finding a huge soft spot in my heart for this record. I love the pinch-nosed Dalek vocals of Steve Ignorant, the chucka-chucka duck-quack rhythm guitar and the tin toy percussion. I also like how the black and white politics match the black and white foldout poster/lyric sheet/booklet. Gee Vaucher’s artwork was a huge influence on me, even if I didn’t realise it for another decade. I remember ordering this album from Rough Trade and eagerly awaiting getting it and hearing the band that I had read so much about but never heard. There’s a part of me that still wants to believe in their politics. This is one of the few punk albums that I refuse to give to my teenage son, along with other Crass albums and assorted other goodies. I must confess to this not being a rip of my own vinyl, as it’s very well worn.
Thank the God(des)s (and my ChronoPay account) for the Russian greymarket.

Do They Owe Us a Living?



  1. hi there,

    just discovered the veritable treasure chest that is your blog! thought i’d stop by to say hello.
    mind if i link you up, maybe you could return the favour? love crass and early material btw, keep up the great work, much appreciated!

  2. WoW…no here’s something that I’d long sonce forgotten about.

    Thanx Chardman for bringing this one back into the light – very kind.


  3. This post has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi all!
    Thanks for comments.
    I will definitely link like minded comrades!

  5. to good the crass
    in my squating time a first thing to have in you record collection
    long time no hear but now the chance again
    and i take it with my 2 hands!!

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