Hakim Bey: TAZ

August 1, 2006

A reader requested I put up TAZ, but I was fairly certain that G-Pod had done it first.
Here’s a link to the post they did on it (I checked it and it’s still active).

Some bands include manifestos in their liner notes. The liner notes to this album are a manifesto. Explaining T.A.Z. is difficult, but stating that Bey’s spin on the spoken-word genre is wizard mindfuckery is a good start. Chaos, anarchy, subcultures – Bey advocates nearly everything, including creating free states for like-minded cabals and collectives. He recommends marginalized groups form secret societies and concludes with a lengthy piece on boycotting cop culture. Musique concrete cloaks his words in an eerily seductive melange of avant-garde noise and ambient music. But the sounds are almost immaterial. Bey’s words are the primary focus of this disc. This album truly is punk as fuck, not in the ambient-styled music, but in the message it contains.

This is another great Axiom spoken-word album which I highly recommend.
Let me know if the links expire, in which case I’ll rip my copy and post it.



  1. It seems that the TAZ tracks had be re-moved in April – or am I wrong? I see no link to any audio on this post.

    Thanks anyway

  2. Not here, but over there.
    Click on the G-Pod link, then they are down after the write up.
    They are seperate MP3 links and they still work.
    I just didn’t want to hot-link to ’em.
    Maybe I’ll just rip my own copy and put it up, but it seemed more appropriate to point to theirs.
    I also noticed that they have Hashisheen up, but not sure if it’s a higher bit-rate rip than mine or not.
    Their articles about the albums make it worth your while to check them out.

  3. that hashisheen post was hosted by me… the files aren’t online anymore

    they’re also unavailable at the moment on my dead desktop PC

  4. (meaning I had hosted Hashisheen when it was on GPod… I need to start getting more sleep)–>

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