Brian Eno

August 3, 2006

Thursday Afternoon
EG Records

One sixty-one minute long single track on this made-just-for-compact-disc format album (this was 1985 after all!). It’s not an Eno release that gets high reviews, but I don’t see this one around that often. It doesn’t really have anything much to distinguish itself from most of his Ambient series or installation music pieces, but then it is very good ambient music.
I nabbed mine from the Goodwill (a big charity thrift shop chain in the States) where I almost never find good music on CD.
This album is really more for Eno completists who want to collect days and days of his Ambient stuff (I’m still trying).

Thursday Afternoon.zip

Something I ferreted away in my my.del.icio.us page and plum forgot about:
Confucious over at Different Waters has posted TONS of unofficial Eno albums, i.e. installation pieces, bell study, etc…
He’s got:
I Dormienti
Music for Prague
Extracts From Music For White Cube
January 07003 Bell Studies For The Clock Of The Long Now
Kite Stories

GO check ’em out and get started on rolling your own all-Eno home Muzak system.


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  1. Another dead link on RS …
    Just as in your blogger.com 😉

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