Angelo Badalamenti

August 5, 2006

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
Warner Bros.

Beautiful , lush jazz -tinged soundtrack by David Lynch’s long-time composer Angelo Badalamenti for the cinematic prequel to the tv series Twin Peaks. The orchestrations are rich and many songs include vocals by Jimmy Scott, Julee Cruise and even Badalamenti himself, on tracks penned by Lynch and credited to the band ‘Thought Gang’. The tracks range from the very pretty (The Pine Float) to sensual (The Pink Room) and menacingly foreboding (The Black Dog Runs At Night) – just as in the movie.

Wrapped in plastic.



  1. thanks, I’ve been hunting this for awhile.

  2. No sweat.
    It’s also one of the few CDs on my shelf that my wife also likes.

  3. Oh…if your wife likes it I’d better get this one too. 🙂

    NO in actual fact I’d often wanted to buy this, but is often the way (with me at least) something else takes preference when browsing the racks of discs.

    Thank you Chardman & maybe my partner will get into this one too, but I suspect she’ll find it a little downbeat. Oh well…maybe our son? *lol*

  4. I still dig the old-school TV Twin Peaks soundtrack as well, but then, I was a Twin Peaks freak for awhile.

  5. Ya…quite possibly the tv soundtrack is better (now that I’ve heard this briefly), but I wasn’t really a fan of the show.

    Actually, most hyped up tele dramas I find hard to get into?

  6. i gonna tell ya
    i am original dutch
    now living in Argentina
    the most records posted here or in any blog were i am intrested in i had aka have. i have nothing here in Argentina
    so i say long live the blogs!!
    but any way i explore also some new new stuff!!
    anyway thanx too put the energy

  7. Genial. Very cool.

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