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August 5, 2006

Hi all.
Updates are queued up, but I am hamstrung by a criminally slow upload speed this weekend. I talked to many residents of India about it, who can’t really help me at the moment.
I am also harvesting bamboo this weekend and need to spend time with Mrs. Chardman (it’s our anniversary! – no weaseling out of it, here.).
I hate to tempt folks with promises I may not be able to deliver on, but here’s what I might be putting up:

Tabla Beat Science
DJ Cheb i Sabbah
King Crimson
Slow Music Project
and more…

Stay tuned



  1. I’m also having a weird mixed feeling about putting up artists current releases.
    I feel guilty about putting a newly released album and am thinking about some kind of moratorium on it, say waiting until an album is two years old and/or out-of-print before posting it. I mean, I’ve been buying new stuff here and there, but don’t know if I feel right putting it right up, especially an indy label thing. I suppose it doesn’t hurt the majors as much as they’d like to tell us, but I have no doubt it probably really impacts independant artists and labels.
    I don’t know – what do you think?

  2. I agree with chardman, I do feel guilty putting up new releases and have decided not to. As Bob Dylan says ‘there’s alot more old music than new music.’
    As for comments they seem to come one for every 150 downloads or something like that.

  3. It’s actually pretty rare for me that I go out and buy a brand new release. Most of what I buy is at least a few years old, and I buy a lot of stuff 2nd hand. When I do go buy something new, it’s usually an independent artist, so I know they really depend on selling their release and the good will of their fans. Perhaps I might simply do a review of said artist’s new album and only share one or two representative tracks. I don’t know.
    Thanks for stopping by and chatting!

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