Nurse with Wound

August 9, 2006

Who Can I Turn To Stereo
World Serpent

My favorite ever NWW album, 1996’s Who Can I Turn to Stereo. This is a crazy, haunted house soundtrack filled with nonsensical voices, jarring creaks and boings, exquisite corpse recitations and one singular hypnotic beat wound throughout the tracks that coalesces into the hypnotic Yagga Blues. This is a great album to listen to loud, with all the lights off.

Two Golden Microphones



  1. This is definitely a ‘fun’ album for this band. I really like it & for those uninitiated is probably the most accessible of all their albums, at least that I’m familiar with.

    Thank you Mr Kill Ugly…

  2. i got something for you..
    come in 1 h.

  3. good stuff i like that so i gonna do my self a favour and use your link

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