August 10, 2006


The third LP from this manic trio is much darker and weirder than the previous three, as they progressively rely less on covers in favor of some very outré originals (although sacred cows The Beatles and Creedence Clearwater Revival get slaughtered).
The album features some of their best ensemble work, mainly in the form of dirgey instrumentals propelled by Kramer’s overdriven bass, Chadbourne’s free-form riffing, and Licht’s sparse, jazz-like drumming, especially on an incendiary cover of Syd Barret/Floyd’s Lucifer Sam and the title track. The Fug’s Ed Saunders guests on the somber and topical Nicaragua and Chadbourne spews political venom on Your USA and My Face.

Born on the Bayou



  1. Oh great,
    thanks for the wonderful shockabilly postings and your comment in the dorfdisco, so I found the long looking forward ‘Vermin of the Blues’ (the link works fine),
    all the best
    herr Ärmel

  2. You’re welcome!

  3. link’s dead already, would you re-up this plz? Many thanks!

  4. Already?
    Whattaya mean?
    It had been up three years ago!
    These things aren’t Twinkies. They do expire over time, ferchrissakes!

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