Marc Ribot & Los Cubanos Postizos

August 17, 2006

¡Muy Divertido!

The second album from Ribot and his Prosthetic Cubans relies less on material from Arsenio Rodriguez and includes more originals done in classic Cuban style, save for some crazy instrumental diversions. Los Lomas De New Jersey tells a tale of longing for one’s homeland, which Ribot helpfully translates for us. Marc’s guitar is on fire on several tracks here, as is Anthony Coleman’s Hammond organ. This is a very intense, upbeat record.
Muy Divertido – indeed!

Marc Ribot & Los Cubanos Postizos
(re-upped 11/4/06)

Thanks to C’est La Merde for prompting me to put this up; I was stuck as to what to put up next!



  1. oh thanks very much!
    it’s a very great post!
    i have just a video of Postizos but on vhs..
    i have Spiritual Unity with Campbell, Grimes, Ribot and Taylor. it’s very loud and free. (and free for you on my blog today!)
    ..i would like re-listen Shrek too! do you know it? do you have it?

  2. go there: http://chibisangst.multiply.com/
    i don’t if you like masada but there is here the last Masada Live (“507”). A very good one!

  3. How am I going to post the ‘good’ stuff if I’m continually finding it at me friends homes? I’ve been following Ribot for some time now & it’s pretty easy for me to say that he’s a real talent.

    Others pay attention!!!

  4. I always think the same thing about other people’s blogs!
    I’m always pleasantly surprised that there are folks out there that like the same stuff I do and am also grateful for the musical education I get from other’s shares, including yours, Moogster!

  5. Hey chardman, great blog you have man… thanks for the visit..

    I linked your blog on hangover hard..do the same, please..

    Regards and keep this awsome work..

  6. i never related ribot to this genre now that i’ve heard this all i can ask is where can i get volume one ?

  7. Me too.
    I wish I had the first one!
    Anybody out there got it?

  8. could u send me this album? please!!!

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