Pharoah Sanders

August 21, 2006

Message from Home

A really nice n’ funky album from the great Pharoah Sanders, produced by Bill Laswell and featuring many mid-nineties Material alumnis (Bernie Worrel, Jeff Bova, Foday Musa Suso, Aiyb Dieng with engineering by Robert Musso, natch!).
Here’s what AMG has to say about it:

Message From Home is rooted in, but not exclusively devoted to, African idioms, as the overpowering hip-hop groove of “Our Roots (Began In Africa)” points out. But the record really develops into something special when Sanders pits his mighty tenor sound against the pan-African beats, like the ecstatically joyful rhythms of “Tomoki” and the poised, percolating fusion of American country & western drums and Nigerian juju guitar riffs on “Country Mile.”

Get it here.



  1. I haven’t heard this album yet – but after this post, I intend to. Material was such a gem – and what a collaboration of musical minds!


  2. I may post some material albums next.
    Perhaps Hallucination Engine, which someone else may have recently done.
    It’s my all time faves.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This Pharoah Sanders and Hallucination Engine are among my favorites also.

    Cheers, Chardman!

  4. hi chardman
    same same – hallucination engine never fails, and burroughs’ deep resonance voice is so cool!
    merci, i will give this pharoah a listen – his early 80s releases really turned me down!
    time for a change…

  5. Excellent album, thanx!
    As for the Material albums, brilliant, but I had them already. Anyway, keep up the good posts!

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