Axiom Ambient

August 27, 2006

Lost in Translation

Nice sonic tapestry woven out of Material tracks, as well as other Axiom releases and original pieces. It’s a nice mix throughout, with pastoral, natural background sounds that bridge the tracks. Two late, great guitar heroes – Sonny Sharrock and Eddie Hazel – perform a duet together, albeit in studio edited form.
Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins, Buckethead and George Clinton star in Cosmic Trigger. All tracks have really long running time, save for one that clocks in at eight minutes. Fans of the ambient label and mid-nineties Material will no doubt enjoy this two-disc set.

Lost in Translation disc 1
Lost in Translation disc 2



  1. Many thanx for this excellent post.

  2. You are most welcome!

  3. I have this one Chardman…Had been ‘saving’ it as it was a dbl CD & it takes me ages to upload things c/w you American’os & European folk. (Plus had been giving Laswell a well earned vacation).

    Whilst ‘we’ (Aussies) seem to take up technolgy rather quickly, unfortunately roll-out for fast broadband has been slow & all but few central city folk have access to cable & still at quite a premium – we are a vast land with just a population.


  4. I recently purchased broadband, but find that it isn’t nearly as fast as advertised. Faster than dialup, mind you, but it seems to choke on big uploads.

    I know what you mean about vacations, I was just coming off of a big Laswell/Axiom binge when I started my MP3 blog and it got me started again, mainly due to the give and take process of running into other fans.

  5. Koen & Lucky won’t harm you with another Axiom-Laswell, Mr. Chardman.
    The ‘Mysteries of Creation’ double is out in the World of M. I cheated a bit – it’s actually under the name ‘Axiom Dub’, but who cares anyway (but MoogPower?) … ;

    PS – As I see – Koen was here, too! Quite a frequented space, your comment sector.

    PPS – Is there a life after all these Laswells and Zorns? I’m certain – and began a little UK post-punk series on the orang blog …. would be glad, if you join!

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