A few albums I’ve been looking for:

August 31, 2006

V/A – Music & Rhythmn (Peter Gabriel, XTC, Lots of World Music) (1982 WEA Rec.)
David Sancious – The Bridge (1981 Elektra)
The Golden Palominos – This Is How It Feels Thanks, Milton!
Renaldo and Loaf – Songs for Swinging Larvae (Ralph) Thanks, Anon!
Sun City Girls (almost any) Thanks, Weevil Doer!
Eugene Chadbourne – There’ll Be No Tears Tonight Thanks, Secret Whistler!
Shockabilly – Heaven (pre-Shimmy remix)

Anybody got these on a shelf, garage, hard drive?



  1. Renaldo & The Loaf (on CD)

  2. I’ll do you a solid with some Sun City Girls this week or weekend, more Chadbourne too, but don’t have that certain album.

  3. Here’s “There’ll Be No Tears Tonight” (One of my favorite Chadbournes along with Country Music in the World of Islam)


    Thanks for the DJ Spooky and all the Laswell stuff!!

  4. oops—link got cut off–it’s


  5. Thanks Whistler!
    your secret’s safe with me!

  6. i’ve uploaded the following:
    Thanks for the Laswell. Any more King Crimson?

  7. Didn’t I post This is How it Feels? I did post something Golden Palominos, if not that one I still do have it (on CD, but others on vinyl), plus I also have a remixes EP on CD.

    Can get them your way sometime soon if interested.

    Just back from a week away (work)…I feel kinda lost in bloggers land – sorta out of touch!

    Cheers. 🙂

  8. Sun City Girls
    Search here (many):

  9. WOW!
    Wotta response!
    Anonymous: Thank you so much! I have many studio Crim albums, but not much rare stuff. Any requests?
    Moog: I’m not sure, I remember you posted a perhaps later GP album. I’ve been kicking myself for not snapping up TIHIF when it was in release as it’s almost like a Material album and Lori Carson’s vocals are so damn sexy. I’d be delighted to hear it.
    Anon II: thanks so much.

    You guys are great!

  10. The Golden Palominos – “This Is How It Feels” is on the way for you, Chardman!

  11. Are you still after Sun City Girls? I can help you with most of their stuff. I also have the Country Music in the World of Islam joint release with Eugene if you still need it.

  12. WOW! That sound cool. I had no idea he collaborated with SCGs!
    I am a newcomer to their stuff, having only heard a few albums and have only Torch of the Mystics. I’d be grateful to hear anything by them. Any suggested albums?

    Thanks, i feel like a kid on Christmas.

  13. ‘333,003 Crossdressers…’, ‘Horse Cock Phepner’ and ‘Live from Planet Boomerang’ are all pretty essential I would say. Some of the Carnival Folklore Resurrection releases are pretty patchy though, with the exception of ‘Libyan Dream’ and ‘Sumatran Electric Chair’ (the former including the classic ‘Opium Den’ which I was listening to when thinking of a theme for my blog!).

    I only have a few singles ripped to my hardrive, but pm me and I’ll sort something out. (Maybe we could do a swap or somthing)

  14. The Golden Palominos – This Is How It Feels




  15. Milton, you are a saint on top of being a monster!
    many thanks!

  16. Hey Whistler! That Eugene zip was demonically possessed. i kept trying to unzip it and my zip utility would crash. I tried it about three times and it did he same thing. Then I thought I thought I’d try to crack it with our PC (I’m all Mac, thank you), as this has happened before. After forgetting about it for a half hour or so, it spontaneously unzipped itself and worked perfectly. Weird!
    Thanks again!

  17. i have music & rhythm on vinyl. i can upload it after the 23.09.06, if you want.

  18. Anon: That would be fantastic! I would be eternally grateful to you!

  19. In my garage I’ve found an LP of David Sancious – The bridge.

    Tracks are transferred to my PC and edited with Adobe audition.

    Here you find the link >>


  20. Thanks so much YZ99!
    You have made my day!

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