Dead Moon

September 4, 2006

Strange Pray Tell
Music Maniac (Germany)

Fred Cole, his wife Toody and Andrew Loomis have been cranking out their acid-drenched brand of punk rock scuzz for nearly thirty years now. Allegedly inspired by seeing The Ramones for the first time, long-time band veteran Cole sought out to interpret their fury in a unique way. Dead Moon’s take on punk (which owes as much to the sixties, Sonic/Wailers era as it does that mid-seventies band of brothers) can only come from the Northwest – perhaps it’s the mold from the constant rain or from inhaling way too many Douglas Fir needles.
I don’t know for sure.
1992’s Strange Pray Tell is recorded in glorious mono, probably cut right to a record lathe in the Cole’s music store/label headquarters Tombstone Music. I once traded them an odd sixties guitar for a fuzzbox and the couple got into a heated squabble about the lineage of the old axe (it was a Kay-built Silvertone, Toody informed me), but that’s another story.
If you’re familiar with Dead Moon, you are in for a treat. If not, imagine the Seeds meets the Ramones on some very bad windowpane acid and cheap wine.

Room 213

For Korpus!



  1. Your the best!
    and for shure you gonna do some more people a pleasure with this
    great great post
    muy happy me
    feliz Amigo.

  2. Cool!
    Glad you got it!

  3. One hell of great band what?

    There’s some more Dead Moon + Wipers + Portland (i.e. Poison Idea) related crap over at:

    (or click on the wipers logo)

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