Weird DC Hardcore

September 12, 2006

Been too damn busy to do much, having just returned to work and have a pile of crap to get caught up on.
Here’s something that I’d given up looking for, but found the other day:
It’s United Mutation, a weird thrash-metal punk band that recorded an EP (Fugitive Family) in the mid-eighties.
They are a very bizarre, horror-tinged outfit with cartoonish vocals and everything is drenched in reverb. Frankly, I found this stuff spookier than contemporaries The Misfits; it’s psychedelic metallic sludge riffing and the Linda Blair/Evil Dead type singer sounds much scarier than Glenn Danzig’s cow-with-a-cattle-prod-up-the-rectum crooning anyday, even if I really liked the ‘Fits, back in the eighties.
M³ over at Ochlokratie 2.0 has got a compilation of UM’s output and another DC band, Malefice – whom I always thought were some Japanese band for some reason – up and ready for you to download.
Go check out his great post on them here.
Check it out to see the weirder side of 80’s hardcore.


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