September 16, 2006

Greatest Gift
Touch and Go

Scratch Acid came from the same Austin scene from which the Butthole Surfers festered out of and also shared a record label (Touch & Go) with Killdozer. Scratch Acid’s sound was driven by some propulsive bass playing and a guitarist (David Wm. Sims) capable of frenzied riffing one moment and middle eastern fingerings the next. But the real selling point was the aptly named David Yow’s manic singing/shrieking/hysterical screaming. Yow’s lyrics dealt with all kinds of psychotronic imagery and deviations of every sort. The core of ‘Acid eventually morphed into The Jesus Lizard, a not-much-less manic unit that traded during the grunge era.

Greatest Gift is a compilation of their first EP and subsequent album.

Greatest Gift



  1. A classic one!! This is one of the best noise bands from the US 80s. This CD has even 3 LP’s into it I think!! All they ever made. Cheers,

  2. I bought Just Keep Eating on vinyl when it came out. It had a funky rainbow 3d piece of shit on the cover. Years later i was moving and getting my albums in order and the rainbow thing fell off and exposed a hilarious b&w picture of a kid with wigged out eyes. This band never ceased to entertain in unexpected ways! Holes still kicks ashtakoshta.

  3. I was overjoyed to have found this CD too, as it seems to be their complete discography.
    David Yow is nuts.

  4. great post. sorry i missed out. could you please reup?

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