Happy Sharetime Shoutouts

September 27, 2006

Hi ‘yall…
I have gotten a few unfortunate instances of people being unable to unzip some of my ups.
I’m not sure what to do at this point. I may switch to another method, but don’t really have the time to do simultaneous uploads (i.e.; having both Megaupload, Rapidshare in the same post.).
But what I need to know is if people are actually being able to unzip them at all. Not to whine, but the only feedback I seem to be getting is from those who are unable to unzip them. My stats say that lots of downloading is going on in any given share, but I can’t imaging that all of them are broken, eh?. Casual browsing of other sharrity blogs suggest that there is a certain margin of error where this is concerned. I’d like to do what I can to minimize it as much as is practically possible, but if no one’s able to enjoy the shares, I may as well fold up my little lemonade stand and pack it away.
Don’t make me write a feedback form….

An anonymous visitor reports the following:

“I clicked “repair archive” function on WinRar and it worked for me, I was able to extract the files from the repaired .zip, yes as you might have guessed, on a pc…”

Hope that advice turns out to be handy for some of you…



  1. Hey chardman, as a quasi-regular visitor, I’ve never had any trouble unzipping the files. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? 😉



  2. Hey!
    Maybe I’m doing something right!
    That’s one.
    Thanks for the feedback Mr. Claw!

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