September 28, 2006

John Peel Sessions
Strange Fruit

In 1986 and 1987 Laibach recorded two sessions for the late John Peel’s radio show which weren’t released until 2002. With the exception of Krvava Gruda – which sounds indistinguishable from that available on Nova Akropola– all songs are vastly different than we’ve heard them performed before. Life is Life, which many would hear later on Opus Dei, sounds much slower – with a greater reliance on keyboards than in previous incarnations of this band – and Milan Fras’ voice is a hoarse croak. But the real shocker is Leben Tod, which rocks harder than anything that they’ve ever done before or since, with razor sharp guitars and gut-pounding bass.
For some reason Ti, Ki Izzivaš has become a song called Krvoprelitje. Who knows why? There’s even a track performed from Baptism Under Triglav.
An interesting document that catches Laibach in the crossroads between their Croation Slovene-sung, dark industrial music and their Germanic, pop song skewering phase.


1. Krvava Gruda – Plodna Zemlja
2. Krst
3. Life Is Life
4. Leben-Tod
5. Trans-National
6. Krvoprelitje

Life is Life
(re-upped 12/25/06)



  1. thank you very much – i was looking for this. but laibach, being from slovenia, sing in slovene, not croatian. it is a similar yet different language, much more than croatian and serbian which are more or less the same language.

  2. Sorry..
    We yanks have a habit of referring to most Balkan tongues as Croation or Serbo-Croation. No offense meant.

  3. Hi there,

    I am running late…3 months or so.
    But I just remembered Life is Life (Laibach version) and found it here. Mucho bravo for the blog!
    The John Peel sessions look really interesting. However – the music is down; any chance you can repost!? If not that – then, maybe a request for Opus Dei album.
    and have a Merry Christmas!


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