October 3, 2006

Advertising Secrets
New American Radio Series

A commission for this long running radio series done in 1991. This is a half hour long piece by Negativland that resulted in the 7″ single (on Eerie Records) of the same name, but is a mere fragment of this total work.
From New American Radio’s blurb:

A dynamic blend of rhythmic elements and original audio constructs—actual ad jingles, lines and phrases—commentary by and about advertisers—books on tape materials about how commercials are conceived and created—plus various out-takes from commercial productions which depict the sophisticated process (and elaborate cynicism) of the professionals involved.

All sounds – save for some ambient noodlings by the band – are made entirey of book-on-tape sales motivational material and related sources. Much of this ended up on subsequent Negativland albums and singles, but I don’t believe that this complete piece has been released in any legitimate form.
This is Negativland in their creative peak.

“Stick ’em on a big piece of tape…”


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