October 3, 2006

New American Radio Series

From the same source as the previously posted Advertising Secrets, comes this lengthy piece all about this nation’s obsession with firearms, which aired in 1989. A reworked and drastically edited version of this ended up as the last EP that they rolled out on SST Records. This version (which has also never had a formal release) runs nearly ten minutes longer than the record and includes bit’s and pieces that ended up in 1993’s Free and a slightly different sequence and mix. In this series, Don Joyce’s razor tapes dominate the mix, but these tracks are also a much more successful amalgam of the aformentioned element and the band’s musical creations – than their dabbles in three to four minute song structures. Another great piece by Negativland.

“The Motorcade Sped on…”



  1. thanks for thisexcellent

  2. I keep getting a “Failed To Open The Page” error when i click on the rapidshare link. The other one worked fine.

  3. G’day Chardy…

    I recall b/f I went away & then subsequently got sick you were intersted in getting a handle on a Golden Palominos album ‘This is How it Feels’ if I recall. Are you still interested or do you have that one sorted? I’ve also got ‘Prison of the Rhythm’ CD single that corresponds to the above album.

    I posted 2 discs today at my place, so would be happy to send these your way if you still were in need.

    My internet connection is very slow & recently got reigned in regarding speed. As a general rule ‘we’ out here are significantly slower than those in US or Europe, but my provider just cut me back further saying that costs had risen beyond expectation & they had no choice but to reduce speed (already slow).

    Well given that I use them to connect to telephone & also have them voip enabled, making a change is not so simple, but suffice to say I am looking into other options.

    Best to drop me a quick line at my place, which I’ll check on tomorrow morning.

    A simple yes/no is all that’s needed, I know what it will be about. I can include covers or whatever other info you need.

    Best out to ya…


  4. Hi, Chardman!
    Thanks for the kind note you dropped at the ‘Dying World of M’ 😉
    It was my first blog, a nice chapter, a great project where I learned a lot – but it’s enough now. Three blogs are too much, bla bla bla ..
    I like to bring you a small present for your kindness
    hope you don’t expect something as whicked as Positivland! It’s something to relax, to enjoy, to feel good, to listen and move slightly, to feel lucky to be alive!

    Yours, Mr. Lucky (R.I.P.) 😉

  5. Godspeed, Mr. Lucky!
    You still leave us with two great places I visit daily!

  6. You’re kidding!!! DAILY 😉
    I’m TOO much in this blog+forum thing lately – have to take it more eazy and relaxed.
    Thanks for the chardy Flowers,
    Kill on …!

  7. Can you please re-post the Negativland full-length “Advertising Secrets” mp3. Although the link appears active, Rapidshare returns a “file not found” message. Thanks.

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