October 14, 2006

Receive the Flame

An album of ambient noise from the self-proclaimed King of Noise Music and martini swilling misanthrope Boyd Rice.
This should serve as proof of his aforementioned title. It’s a wonderful suite of disturbing loops and dissonances, all rendered into a blur of white noise. Some take a the tack of taking a very short loop of otherwise innocuous music and letting it play into infinity, till you submit to the mega-cyclic mind-rape. The effect of most songs is not unlike subjecting your eyelids to a flashing strobe light – only done to your ears. While some of the tracks are rather abrasive at first – and the overall theme is rather dark, the culminative effect is somewhat soothing.

Receive the Flame



  1. hey, i love your blog. I just started my own, and I was wondering if you could check it out and possibly post a link to it in your links column. it would be greatly appreciated!

    blog: http://www.evil-home-stereo.blogspot.com


  2. Great posts! Do you happen to have any early Boyd Rice/NON albums: Black Album, Pagan Muzak, Easy Listening Hard Hearing? Thanks again,


  3. No, I don’t, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for them. I also put up Rice’s Music, Martinis and misanthropy fairly recently.

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