The Cramps

Lucky 13
Drug Fiend Records

Great early concert by The Cramps recorded on Friday the 13th, 1978, at CBGB’s (r.i.p.).
This one has Lux introducing themselves as Frank Furter and the Hot Dogs and whoever made this boot touts them as such on the cover. Indeed – the printing on the actual CD itself makes no mention of The Cramps, just the Frank Furter name and the date and venue. Perhaps this is how they were able to get a decent pressing plant to make it on the sly in the pre-CDR era. I don’t know.
What I do know is that this is a great set. The sound is so clear that you can hear the cash register ringing and someone not too infrequently throwing beer bottles against a back wall. It features most of what would become their first LP and EP, and Bryan Gregory sounds like he’s playing the same songs as Ivy, which was reportedly rare. Lux’s between song banter is quite amusing, as well. This has recently been released as the last third of the multi-disc, odds n’ ends compilation How To Make a Monster.
A fine document of The Cramps early days, a eulogy of sorts for CBGBs and what’s Halloween without The Cramps?

I’m Cramped

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  1. Whoa, was really excited reading your post so jumped ahead and downloaded it. Then I realised that I already have it as How to make a monster…oh well. 🙂

    Thanks! And thanks for the Greg Sage reup as I lost my copy somewhere…


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