Blog report, short form

November 4, 2006

So many fine blogs folding up their tents and calling it quits…
What a shame.
Mr. Lucky has finally decided to cease Oranj Aural and Squeezo. We wish him all the best in whatever he turns his talents to.

Totally Fuzzy
cannot be subdued by any change. It keeps coming back like a beast from Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive (aka Brain Dead).

But my own blog seems to be neglected. My job is getting busy and my hard drive is reaching the breaking point. I have plans to get a bigger one, but that’s in a few months. I’m also thinking about hosting KUR elsewhere and maybe going WordPress. But I’m not that web-savvy and it might mean long outages as I fuck up the code from time to time.

Plus, I’m reaching this saturation point with music where the more I find, the less I listen to and enjoy. The hoarder instinct is an ugly, maladaptive monkey trait that makes us miserable at times. I really need to just settle down and try to enjoy the music I have and stop compulsively looking for more.
I go through this phase every year or so and the acquisition of broadband and the share scene has just turbo charged the dynamic.
But don’t worry to much, this is also the phase where I take all my neglected, unwanted CDs and vinyl down to a decent used record store (we still have a few in Portland) or a swap meet and trade it in for new stuff.
So you will be in on the process one way or another. I’ll have new sounds and perhaps some discoveries that are new to both of us.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to plug away with a post or two a week as I find stuff, rip the ocassional record or a CD jumps off my shelf that I’ve overlooked.



  1. how you download vinyls , because i have two maxi record of laibach so

    you use what ?

  2. Well, first you must find a way to hook your stereo (with turntable) up to the STEREO INPUT of your computer’s soundcard, then find a suitable sound recording program. there are many, especially if you own a PC. I am a Mac user and use Soundtrack. If you Google “How to Rip Vinyl”, you will find many resources, some usefully and some Scheiße. It is very trail and error. My first attempts at encoding records sounded horrible until I learned what I was doing.

  3. Anyway Chardman you did and doing good
    i keep coming back!
    gracias for your work.

  4. http://tofuhaus.antville.org/search?q=uglyradio

    Your blog was mentioned regularly at totally fuzzy. thanks for the comment to the new drive of the blog. all new contributors are doing a great job!

    herr k.

  5. I agree so much with the more music the less listen! That is why I will go out of my way to make my 21 November a No Music Day (Lol!). Check out http://www.nomusicday.com!

    Actually will be pretty damn hard as I am on a roadtrip that week so will listen to so much music in the van that I will be bleeding from my ears…ha ha ha!

    Ps. I saw my xmas present the other day – USB turntable! Whoaaaa….how cool is that man? ds

  6. Buy some beers, put on some music, lean back and relax chardman! I’m too lazy to look up a lot of music on the internet myself, I just pick up something now and then (reminds me, thanks again for the Killdozer!). I appreciate blogs like yours and to be honest I am amazed by people posting interesting topics several times a week… or sometimes daily. I mean, it’s spare time, right? How do they manage? Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with posting less, if the content is still as good…and I’ll be keeping an eye open! cheers,

  7. Just wanted to say I completely agree about the whole broadband = music overload thing. Having just got broadband myself about 3 months ago, I’ve simultaneously learnt a whole lot about music and also lost the sense of what it is to have a song, album or band that really means something to me. Anyway, hope you get over it – whether by culling your music collection or simply avoiding the net for awhile, or maybe even just revisiting a few old favourites (in any case, that’s what I’m planning to do).

  8. chardman, slow and steady is fine by me, especially with the super hi-Q of your posts

    blogs are precious and orang’s blogs (and yours and others) are treasures … we leeches should NEVER lose sight of that

  9. Aw, shucks Hideo!
    I appreciate the sentiment.
    Taking the time and effort to comment makes you not a leech in my book.
    God(s) knows I do enough leeching, truth be told.

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