Various Artists

December 19, 2006

It’s Finally Christmas!

Tim Kerr Records

A great, Portland only (I think) compilation of rock covers of traditional and new original Christmas songs, with a Hannukah song thrown in for good measure (by Calamity Jane). The first two or three songs are almost enough to put you off of the concept, but Dead Moon (RIP!) redeem the whole affair and it picks up considerably. Sadly – Dead Moon are no more and The Dandy Warhols live on with virtual impunity.

All your great Portland heavy hitters are there; Poison Idea (RIP), Caveman Shoestore (MIA), Hitting Birth (now King Black Acid – currently being reborn), The Oblivion Seekers (cool, semi-rockabilly band) The Whirlees (who make The Grinch rock!) and of course, what would Christmas be without Smegma?

There’s many music styles and genres represented here and lyrically the songs range from irreverent to beautiful and more than one are gloriously messed up. This was released in 1994, so many bands and/or members are defunct/deceased.

I’m not a big Christ-fan, but I want to wish all my Kill Ugly Radioheads a happy holiday season, whatever you are.

Get Christmas


1. Merry Christmas To Me – Swoon 23
2. Gloria In Excelsis Deo – Pond
3. Little Drummer Boy – Dandy Warhols
4. Christmas Rush – Dead Moon
5. Christmas Time Is Here – Meg Hentges
6. Santa Claus Is Back In Town – Poison Idea
7. Christmas In The City – Oblivion Seekers
8. The Grinch – Caveman Shoestring
9. Little Drummer Boy – Hitting Birth
10. I’m Mad At The Fatman – Ray And Clover
11. Christmas Dressed In Blue – Iceburg Slim
12. Hey Santa – Flaps Down
13. I Wonder As I Wander – SVELT
14. Hannakuh Song – Calamity Jane
15. Ave Maria – Sugarboom
16. Happy Holiday – Smegma
17. Rebel Jesus – The Violets
18. Shoplifting You Something For Christmas – New Bad Things
19. The Grinch – Whirlees



  1. HM… Dead Moon. Ride on! Thanks and merry xmas from London Shanty-Town, UK.

  2. Ride on indeed.
    It’ll be interesting to see what Fred and Toody do now.
    Happy holidays from Vancouver Washington- unwilling suburb of Portland Oregon.

  3. Is that the Smegma from Florida?

  4. No, it’s the Smegma from Portland that formed in the late seventies and came out of the Los Angeles Free Music Society. They are still together and sometimes perform and record with the great Richard Meltzer on vocals.

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