Various Artists

January 1, 2007

Faster and Louder Vols. 1 & 2

Rhino Records

An absolute top-drawer series from Rhino with an emphasis on hardcore circa the eighties. An unflinching look at the seamy underbelly of American and British punk. What’s nice about the collection here is that many songs are culled from singles or in otherwise seldom heard versions. There’s also a lot of inclusion of bands that were big back in the day, yet have faded into relative obscurity – and many I’ve never heard of before. Another nice thing is the very extensive liner notes and biographical info on each band included and Gary Panter’s swell wrap-around cover art. If you can find them (I believe they are out of print), get them – you won’t be sorry.

Faster and Louder Vol. 1


1. Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia
2. Bad Brains – Pay To Cum
3. Circle Jerks – World Up My Ass
4. Suicidal Tendencies – I Saw Your Mommy…
5. The Dicks – Dicks Hate The Police
6. Angry Samoans – Lights Out
7. Meatmen – One Down Three To Go
8. SSD – Get It Away
9. Redd Kross – Linda Blair
10. D.O.A. – World War 3
11. Really Red – Modern Needs
12. The Stains – John Wayne Was A Nazi
13. Government Issue – Fun And Games –
14. Mission Of Burma – That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate
15. Husker Du – Statues
16. The Urinals – I’m A Bug
17. Bobby Soxx – Scavenger Of Death

Download Volume 1

Faster and Louder Vol. 2


  1. Zero Boys – Civilizations Dying
  2. Husker Du – In A Free Land
  3. Wire – 1. 2. X. U.
  4. The Subhuman – Firing Squads
  5. The Germs – Lexicon Devil
  6. Fear – I Love Living In The City
  7. X – We’re Desperate
  8. Agent Orange – Bloodstains
  9. Negative Approach – Nothing
  10. Naked Raygun – Rat Patrol
  11. The Dils – You’re Not Blank (So Baby We’re Through)
  12. Stranglehold – She’s Not Leaving
  13. Wipers – Romeo
  14. DYS – Wolfpack
  15. Black Market Baby – Potential Suicide
  16. GG Allin – You Hate Me And I Hate You (Public Animal No.1)
  17. CH 3 – Fear Of Life

Download Volume 2



  1. thank you for these great compilations.

  2. hey thanks for all your posts on this blog, its much appreciated!
    Is there any chance of a re-up of some Eugene Chadbourne posts you put up in August?


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