Cop Shoot Cop

January 4, 2007

Ask Questions Later
Interscope Records

Ugly, atonal. I shoulda posted about these guys last summer, had I known more about them. With twin, pummeling basses and pounding drums – and some deep, Cave-like vocals from frontman Tod Ashley. But these guys could carry a tune, even if the lyrical outlook was pretty bleak. I know next to bupkis about them besides being one of the many bright spots to the compilation Mesomorph Enduros (Room 429, which is included here), which I posted a while ago. What does Trouser Press say about them?:

Cop Shoot Cop formed out of the ashes of noisemasters Dig Dat Hole and exceedingly confrontational junk-blues potentates Black Snakes (a band that counted among its members transgressive filmmaker Richard Kern). The quartet wasted no time establishing a reputation for sonic fuckery through use of sheet-metal percussion and guitar disavowal (Ashley and Jack Natz both play bass, with the former taking credit for “high end” version of the instrument). The early self-released EPs move with a decidedly mechanical grind, but sidestep industrial pigeonholing thanks to the inventive found-sound sampling of “Cripple” Jim Filer. The wall-of-noise sampling, odd stuttered timings and belligerent anti-structures illustrate a conceptual ambition underscored by such psychotic psychedelic sound collages as “Disconnected 666,” somewhat less structurally/sonically intricate than Pere Ubu’s “Sentimental Journey” but drawn from the same dark core of industrial paranoia. Harking back in some ways to the days of New York no wave, Cop Shoot Cop score three toes idiot, seven toes savant on Piece Man — an improvement over Headkick Facsimile‘s ratio of five to five.

You get the point. Ugly. Dark.
You need it.

Download it!



  1. Aah..!
    This is such a great album. I can’t wait to hear it again. You wouldn’t happen to have any of their other releases (Release, Consumer Revolt etc.)? If you do, can we hope for you to post them?
    Keep rockin’!

  2. No, I sure don’t anon.
    I will keep my eyes peeled for more, though. I want more of them as well.

  3. Cop Shoot Cop – White Noise


    pass = uglyradio.wordpress.com

    -enjoy 🙂

  4. Funny isn’t the word. Interesting anyway. Thanks

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