January 6, 2007

The namesake for Kill Ugly Radio was a generic boombox of indeterminate manufacture specially modified to play two tape loops simultaneously and also receive electromagnetic interference from power tools and electronic toys. It was used as a performance instrument in audio experiments until it had a catastrophic power source failure and had to be terminated. It is on permanent display in the Larch Mountain Absurdatory.


I’m glad you made it.

Welcome to the future of KILL UGLY RADIO

As you can see, all posts are below.


One comment

  1. Dr. Chadbourne – Guitar Festival Summer 1999 (2CD)


    Dr. Eugene Chadbourne’s Adventures At The Guitar Festival (Disc 1)
    1. Dr. Chadbourne/Kenta Nagai/Jim O’Rourke (8:49)
    2. Dr. Chadbourne/David Watson (4:31)
    3. Dr. Chadbourne/Joe Morris (6:52)
    4. Dr. Chadbourne/Loren Mazzacane Connors (11:47)
    5. Dr. Chadbourne/Dean Roberts/Thurston Moore (12:18)
    6. Dr. Chadbourne/Elliot Sharp/Misha Feigin (7:02)
    7. Dr. Chadbourne/Roger Klier/Loren Mazzacane Connors (7:52)
    8. Dr. Chadbourne/Jim O’Rourke/Kim Gordon (14:48)

    Dr. Eugene Chadbourne – Greetings Fellow Pickers (Disc 2)

    ‘In this extended track, the following playing configurations

    occur. There is no pause in the music during any of these

    personnel changes. The timings are approximate.’

    Dr. Chadbourne/Alan Licht/Jim O’Rourke (17:00)
    Dr. Chadbourne/Alan Licht/Lee Renaldo (16:00)
    Dr. Chadbourne/Lee Renaldo/Don Fleming (12:00)
    Lee Renaldo/Don Fleming/Thurston Moore (3:00)
    Lee Renaldo/Don Fleming/Thurston Moore/Kenta Nagai (6:00)
    Don Fleming/Thurston Moore/Kenta Nagai (8:00)
    Thurston Moore/Alan Licht/Loren Mazzacane Connors (12:00)

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