Richard H. Kirk

January 11, 2007

Virtual State
Wax Trax!

Another loopy, trance-inducing solo outing from the better half (at least the more prolific) of Cabaret Voltaire.
This one, released in 1994, has all the dissonant elements one comes to expect from CV, but wasn’t as apparent on their last few outings (especially the very House-sounding Plasticity). Songs are evocative of – or titles allude to – intercepted covert radio transmissions and there is plenty of spooky disembodied radio transmissions and interference to back up the imagery.

Kirk has the best feel for this kind of thing and is always capable of creating dynamic, modern music that is also very organic by sheer virtue of the viral nature of his sample sources.

Download Virtual State (MegaUpload)

This album reminds me of his also excellent Biochemical Dread outing (in fact, only album under that nom-de-plume) Bush Doctrine, which I have updated and reupped here.


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