Thanks for staying with me!

January 16, 2007

I was a little worried that moving away from Blogger (and , ahem.. my long stretches of dead air) would make me lose a lot of my regular readers and casual browsers, but happily, that hasn’t been the case! Thanks in no small part to Totally Fuzzy, who have brought nearly 90% of the traffic here, I am seeing some really unbelievable stats!

A big thanks to all who stop here and comment. It makes me keep on doing it.

As usual, feel free to request re-ups, as I’m sure lots of posts have expired. I will get to them as soon as possible, but will also look for new (to us anyway) music to post.

I also will kill the old Kill Ugly Radio as soon as I see the referrer stats from that site drop off.



  1. Hey thanks for that link before. Now what you write here is exactly why I have not yet dared to make the move over…am thinking of waiting a few more weeks or so….


  2. don’t worry, the wed needs interesting and noisy blog like yours!

  3. Chardman, thanks for making this step – I have thought a long time about moving to another service, Google/Blogger is just a pain in the ass in the last weeks – very slow, more and more out-times – I’m just sick of using it.

    I don’t think you have to worry about a loss of readers – but maybe you just contact your regular blogger-pals about the turn as well, seems most of them still are having your old adress as link in their sidebars – and now with WordPress it’s so much easier not to fumble around with this html-stuff…
    I’ll test it a while before I make the switch.

    All the best for your new baby,

  4. I followed you here. I really like your work and I stop by every couple of days at least.


  5. It’a pleasure, my dear. 🙂

  6. Ah, shucks!
    Thanks ton and a half!
    I have some tricks up my sleeve still, I’m just a little slow and yankin’ them out at the moment.

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