Oblivion Seekers

Snake Eyes
Tim Kerr Records


This Portland Oregon band has been around for two decades and has been a virtual revolving door who’s who of P-town musicians from Napalm Beach, The Jackals and even a member or two from Poison Idea. They play a mix of rockabilly, sixties soul and most predominately, punk. If I had to describe them using other bands (a supposed rock-critic no-no), I’d describe them as X meets Roy Orbison. I realize that that sounds kind of horrifying, but this album is the one that the formula really works. I’ve owned more than a few Oblivion Seekers albums, but for many reasons, this one remains a favorite. This album (from 1994) was bassist/vocalist-and sole constant throughout the band’s long life- Mark Sten’s keyboard-driven, girl backup singer concept of the band. I saw this configuration open for The Cramps back in the mid-nineties and it was really great. I fell in love with the incredibly cute singers (and the girl that kept grinding her ass into my playground throughout the Cramps set) and the band was really hot despite the mellowness of the songs. That was one of the best bills I think I ever attended; The Oblivion Seekers, The Doo Rag (Yeah!) and The Cramps during their Flamejob tour. Ahhh.. Memories. Wish I coulda found that girl after the Cramps set.

Snake Eyes


  1. Considering that 3 of my all-time favorite bands are from Portland, even hearing the name / word Portland gets me all excited. Thanks for this – certianly sounds very good so will check it out right away!


    ps. posted a little linage on Totally Fluffy – not sure if this has already been mentioned but whatever..ds

  2. Yes, Portland was great in the eighties. Its music scene is still a thing to behold. We have many, many rock clubs and tons of bands. We are also the US’s biggest in strip clubs and adult entertainment industries. Maybe it’s because of its proximity to neighboring state Washington, with the totally conservative X-tian city of Vancouver (where I live!), with its total ban on strip clubs and a complete dearth of rock clubs.

  3. Hey. Thx for the kind words. The band is still active on this (and several other) miserable orb(s), and we appreciate the recognition. That Cramps show was a good one. Playing after the Dandy Warhols here at Eli’s Club was another. Makes a band feel consistent to have maintained it for 357 years. At any rate, thx again. Jeff/Oblivion Seekers

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