Various Artists

January 18, 2007

S.W.A.T.: Deep Inside a Cop’s Mind
Amphetamine Reptile


You know something bad is going to go down when you have a convergence of criminal lowlifes such as these inside of a recording studio: Jim Goad (author, Answer Me!, Redneck Manifesto) , Adam Parfrey (author, Apocalypse Culture I & II, Extreme Islam), Nick Bougas (of Celebrities at Their Worst series and Death Scenes fame) Boyd Rice (The King of Noise Music) and the late, great Anton LaVey. What have they done? They recorded an ode to the thin blue line between chaos and even more chaos. They documented the Manichean struggle between good and evil in America’s crumbling cities.

That’s right, folks. This gang, who are no strangers to encounters with the boys and blue, have put out an album dedicated to the fine men and women of the police, almost entirely through the use of of hilariously re-purposed cover songs – usually from the perspective of a jaded or overly alert policeman. It’s funny to hear the staged skit featuring Rice as a young rookie and LaVey as an aging, departing cop, given their real-life relationship within the Church of Satan.

As unappealing as an album by a bunch of authors and cultural shit-disturbers may sound, let me assure you that they are aided and abetted by some of Portland’s finest – in the form of nearly four-fifths of Poison Idea (Jerry A., Pig Champion, Thee Slayer Hippy, MondoSheesh – I hope they had reinforced floors!) and Sam Henry (Wipers, Napalm Beach) on drums.

Download it! 



  1. Great compilation. Keep it comming.

  2. WOW! A salute and a cheers is in place. The last paragraph sold it in my opinion (P.I for godssake!).

    Hey, you don’t happen to have any Napalm Beach by chance? Keep hearing about them but only heard them from various comps, including the Wipers / Greg Sage Tribute.



  3. No I don’t, Slobodan.
    I wish to hell I did.
    I used to own a few of their cassettes, but they were stolen by a slimy c*nt of a flat-mate in the mid-eighties. I will keep my eyeballs peeled though.
    They were great.

  4. Ok no worries, am sure some will surface before too long.

    Yes, flatmates (sometimes) suck. Had all my socalled “toiletry” flushed the other night so now I am onto 4th day stubble etc.


  5. nice share. until I knew it existed I didn’t know I needed this comp. Thanks!

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