I’m going music swapping downtown today.

Here are some CDs I’m getting rid of because I never listen to them anymore and am pretty sure I don’t want taking up space. I don’t feel particularly compelled to write about them, either. If anyone wants them – and feels so moved to post them, write them up, etc. – feel free to do so. I won’t be offended one iota.

Hopefully, I will come back with lots of interesting stuff to share.


  1. wow!!
    the great wesley willis on uglyradio!
    great post!
    a little suggestion: could(or would)you try to use different servers(like: megaupload,paylessoft,,badongo,filesend)than rapidshare? when you use only this one you give more power to this one. maybe i’m wrong, but rapidshare could became a dangerous leader in this field. there are also sendspace(not very good),mediafire and others,but maybe not everybody in the web can have those sites working…
    think about it

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