January 20, 2007

I’m going music swapping downtown today.

Here are some CDs I’m getting rid of because I never listen to them anymore and am pretty sure I don’t want taking up space. I don’t feel particularly compelled to write about them, either. If anyone wants them – and feels so moved to post them, write them up, etc. – feel free to do so. I won’t be offended one iota.

Hopefully, I will come back with lots of interesting stuff to share.



  1. wow!!
    the great wesley willis on uglyradio!
    great post!
    a little suggestion: could(or would)you try to use different servers(like: megaupload,paylessoft,uploading.com,badongo,filesend)than rapidshare? when you use only this one you give more power to this one. maybe i’m wrong, but rapidshare could became a dangerous leader in this field. there are also sendspace(not very good),mediafire and others,but maybe not everybody in the web can have those sites working…
    think about it

  2. yes indeed wesley willis thanks!

    (no capitals today)

  3. Consider using fileho – http://www.fileho.com

    No download wait times, unlimited downloads. It’s pretty damn fast, too. Can fit 700mb in a single download.

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