To Rapidshare or Not

January 21, 2007

Marcus sez:

a little suggestion: could(or would)you try to use different servers(like: megaupload,paylessoft,uploading.com,badongo,filesend)than rapidshare? when you use only this one you give more power to this one. maybe i’m wrong, but rapidshare could became a dangerous leader in this field. there are also sendspace(not very good),mediafire and others,but maybe not everybody in the web can have those sites working…
think about it.

I hear you, Marcus. I know many hate Rapidshare, but it seem to be the most universally used. I often use it because i don’t know what is the most compatible with folks around the globe. I’d hate to use something that would limit who could download. I also like (and use) MegaUpload, as it’s easy and seems to be popular.

Any thoughts out there?
I know RS is going through some tribulations with GEMA, so maybe nows the time to stop using them. I don’t really have the time to make more than one upload choice per post. I know there are a few Sharrity saints who do, but if I did it, it would mean posting much less, as my time is a rare commodity.



  1. I think Marcus puts it just right! i myself am using rapidshare, simply because it’s the fastest, and i’ve never heard that anybody CAN’T download from them –
    quite contrary to megaupload, which is been blocked in south america, balkan, poland etc.
    I have the same problem with sendspace, can’t even upload really – it takes hours, and sometimes it freezes out…
    i used to upload on mediafire, and although they’re way slower than rs, and sometimes are queuing dl’ers, it’s quite okay.

    the recent gema/rs-thing may cause some trouble, but it’s no coincidence gema picked rs – they’re the mega-hosters, and here they begin.

    let’s see – and now back to our radioprogam 😉

  2. another thing – i just realised that wordpress is putting yours and my own comments in the akismet spam folder… by looking in on the wordpress-forum, this problem is known, although the solvement is a bit weird – you have to unspam comments till they finally are okay of akismet… (maybe you don’t have that problems, but thought i’d rather give you a note)

    g’nite 🙂

  3. Hi, the site Gambrinus uses is uit good and fast and allows at least 3 concurrent downloads. Some cut-n-paste from their site:
    Key Features of Easy-Share.com hosting:
    3 ways to upload your files. Web upload, ftp upload and upload using our software.
    No need to sign-up to. Upload a file, receive a link to it and share it.
    Files up to 100Mb can be uploaded.
    Unlimited downloads.
    Unlimited number of uploaded files.

  4. i use badongo a lot. at first it was problematic but i signed up to a free account and never had a problem since (and the files remain active for a looonnnnggg time). it is slightly slower for upping and downing but there is never any problems…..

  5. I don’t have any trouble with RS. I have found them to be the easiest and most straightforward of the posting sites. As I write this I am waiting (and waiting and waiting!) for a file to begin downloading at Bodango–GOD, I HATE THAT SITE! I usually have to enter that stupid “code” 3 or 4 times before they finally accept it. RS is easy to navigate, easy to understand, and my files generally download at a reasonable rate.

  6. I dislike RS because of their timed waits being too long between downloads. There are a few other sites I frequent that use RS also, so I find myself either deciding againest listening to some new music to get other tracks, or am constantly budgeting my time againest that of a website. Megaupload is much better IMHO, but anything other than RS is better to me. Plus I dislike how RS gives uploaders credits. The whole system lends itself to bogus uploads for credit’s sake.

  7. maybe we can think about how could it be better if we could use different share sites. i know that also megaupload(by december)it started to complicate the things,now also whit it you have to wait hours. maybe quicksharing is not bad? the important thing is not to use only one server; maybe the alternation between two or three servers could help?

  8. i dont use RS as I dont have premium account – i hate the waiting biz too. just started to use gigasize which is cool but unfortunately its 90 days then the files goes dead. heard divshare is the best as no time limit etc etc but frankly it takes too long to upload stuff so ended up with gigasize

    not sure about politics about this – clearly RS and its waitung times is too much for me

    meanwhile i am waiting for piratebay.org / priateparty to buy the country Seland and host lots of cool stuff there (that is right, google it and read yrslf!)



  9. slobodanburgher – hi fuzzy pal! you’re lucky if you don’t have a static-ip on your computer, so if you connect/disconnect you don’t have to wait @ rs…
    piratebay seems GREAT – but where’s Seland? i know seeland, that’s the label from negativland (and a song form neu!, which is inspired it)…

  10. chardman – seems like my comments on your site also disappear in the akismet-spam folder… damn!

  11. oh no – here it is! akismet takes some time, i assume 🙂

  12. Must be a feature that’s not enabled. I see all comments and my spam folder is currently empty. I’m just sometimes lazy about responding.
    I have less trouble with Rapidshare. I don’t mind the time between downloads; I need to be restrained somehow, or I’d spend all day downloading. I used to have a collector account, which was nice, but accidentally locked myself out of it. I could see how many people downloaded my uploads. Now I’m flying blind.

  13. Hi,

    Thanks for your wonderful blog. I read regularly a few music blogs that allow downloading their stuff, and in my opinion, as a downloader, the best site is 4SHARED.COM since they allow several downloads simultaneously, a feature that does not exist anywhere else. And they don’t seem to have an hourly or daily download limit like Rapidshare and Megaupload. I’m from Israel, by the way – and I don’t think that download servers have any national limitations 🙂 Thanks!

  14. Seems RS’s security certificate is bad so many of us shall have problems getting in using http://.

    If you use https://www.rapidshare.com then you should get the homepage.

    Do the same for any download links and you should be OK…

  15. RapidShaarre via Mozilla + baaasic AdBock is 100%.

    A-OK, do whaat thou will.

    – j

  16. I hate RS: Times between downloads are initially an hour but suddenly stretch to 74+ minutes. I like Megaupload and Zshare. But, I’ a downloader only. Thanks for your effort.

  17. “Sealand” not Seland



    See also

  18. And here:


    Will donate a £10 or so right away…Lol.

  19. I have a strong preference FOR rapidshare

    I use it enough that I don’t begrudge paying for a premium account, which completely eliminates delays etc, and unlike any other service I’ve found it lets me take full advantage of my broadband connection with multiple downloads running together without ‘throttling’.

    Thanks for a great blog – it’s opened my eyes to a lot of music I might not otherwise have tried. 🙂


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