The Fall

February 3, 2007

Palace of Swords Reversed
Cog Sinister


Another classic Fall compilation, this time compiling some important singles and EPs (most notably, Slates) from the Craig Scanlon/Marc Riley era. The instrumentation is jagged and discordant, and serve Mark E. Smith’s top-notch vitriolic rants and free-form diatribes perfectly. Includes such great Fall classics as How I Wrote ‘Elastic Man’, Totally Wired (my favorite Fall song ever), and the best ever anti-tourist rant Leave The Capitol (I been there! I been there!). It’s all cut and pasted together with live outtakes, false starts and other mayhem.

This has come out in various formats over the years and this is a rip from the Cog Sinister/Rough Trade cassette.


  1. Prole Art Threat
  2. How I Wrote ‘Elastic Man’
  3. Totally Wired
  4. Pay Your Rates
  5. Putta Block
  6. An Older Lover
  7. Fit And Working Again
  8. Marquis Cha-Cha
  9. The Man Whose Head Expanded
  10. Neighbourhood Of Infinity (Live)
  11. Kicker Conspiracy
  12. Wings
  13. City Hobgoblins
  14. Leave The Capitol




When did Mark E. Smith become a scary gargoyle?



  1. GREAT STUFF! Thanks! Have u heard the new record? Its actually quite good, refreshing I might add. Now, I cant wait until they play here next time (London). I think its on, ha ha ha, first of april!

    Mark E. Smith was always a scary gargoyle! Check out the early stuff on YouTube or somewhere and you will see…LOL!

  2. Some classic Fall tracks, performed in classic Fall style.

  3. There’s been a lot of useless Fall compilations lately, but this is an older one, and very nice. Good choice! And I agree with Slobodan… this is actually one of the less scary pictures of Smith!

  4. This one was my first introduction the the Riley era stuff, and remains a favorite. I also bought The Collection, which came out on Castle. It has many of these and more. Unfortunately, the disc is defective, so Mark’s warbling on A Day in the Life is ruined.

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