Some of the new sharrity heavy-weights

Suddenly we have a gigantic new wave of blogs offering some pretty diverse music.
As some older ones are folding up their tents (Hanzun Post-Punk Junk, etc..) or abating their efforts for a life away from the computer monitor, at least ten-fold it seems have stepped up to fill the gap.

In alternative musical geek-dom, there’s probably no endeavor more daunting than single-handedly taking on the herculean task of documenting and offering for our downloading pleasure selections from the infamous Nurse With Wound list. Many have tried, but none so far have pursued it with the vigor of MUTANT SOUNDS, sometimes logging in a dozen or more albums a day. Wow!
As pointed out at WFMU’s Beware of the Blog, he also posts albums that SHOULD be on the NNW list and probably would’ve appeared had Steven Stapleton issued a subsequent one.

It seems like lots of folks are going for the home-grown mix project thing, which is great. Sometimes a great way to overcome the intimidation factor of learning about a strange new artist or music is to be introduced to a single song in the context of the mix. Kinda like radio. Anybody remember that? A notable one is Fritz’s Dark Carnival by the wonderfully gothic Fritz die Spinne. He has gathered up lots of spooky carnival related songs and sounds in two disc-sized chunks. Whimsical and frightening. I am listening to it again right now.

Another great post-punk and gothic themed new blog is Phoenix Hairpins.
He has posted several very obscure gems – my favorite being Blood and Roses.

Speaking of Post Punk, as mentioned earlier, Brett from Post Punk Junk has been informed that his hosting service is fed up with his success and high traffic and has dropped him unceremoniously:

It pains me to say it, but PPJ will be permanently closed starting on Friday, because my web hosting company e-mailed me a few days ago to say that the site is overloading their servers to the point that it’s negatively affecting their other customers. They’re shutting PPJ down on February 9th, case closed (according to their terms of service.)

What I plan to do over the next several weeks is put together a brand-new site that will specifically focus on the podcast/mixtape/radio thing, probably with twice-weekly 30-minute shows, I’m thinking. It’s not going to be called “Post-Punk Junk”, but I’m sure I’ll think of something similarly clever. Just keep your eyes peeled for its emergence onto the blogosphere sometime around the end of March, or the beginning of April.

Before they pulled the plug, he delivered on one of his conceptual ideas and did a wonderful (and frightening) three-part introduction to The Fall, which I completely failed to download. From what I heard of it, it was great and very informative. I’m gonna be missing his shows and shares and hope he comes back as stated.

I am finding that I have less and less energy for posting and writing about music these days. I may or may not be taking a little break for a while. I am learning new stuff at my job (shooting and editing video) and find I am wanting to do more creative stuff and less passive consumption of art. But I won’t flat-out just go away; Kill Ugly Radio was originally intended to be a space for my own audio art, then evolved to music writing and commentary. Then some of the previous summer’s wave of bloggers (Moogpower, Pax Diero, Mr. Lucky and others) inspired me to start sharing some albums along with my opinionated reviews.
So, as I slow down, there’s no shortage of cool music out there.

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  1. Chardman, I think I know of what you’re writing – sharing music one loves may be a great way of stepping into the give/take of all the bloggers around, but since it’s only 2nd-hand, only music from ‘others’, it sure isn’t that creative… but seeing you posting one of the hitchhikers-episodes really makes me laugh! is this a way of saying – hey, there’s more out there than ‘post punk junk’? of course there is…
    … and maybe one day you’ll present your own works here, and since you really have a reputation as a fine blogger (as you know!), i’m sure you will get feedback in some way or another – i’d be lucky if i could play an instrument that properly that i’d like to present it… but i don’t, just fumble around with my old accordion, which is okay for my own ears, but definately nothing i’d like to share with others….

    maybe in the future you’ll present here what you learned in the video sector. 😉

    cheers, lucky

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