Robert Anton Wilson

March 10, 2007

Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything –
Or, Old Bob Exposes His Ignorance


Our favorite stand-up philosopher managed to escape this penal colony plane of existence recently after a long bout with Post-Polio Syndrome, so I have dug this gem out and have been listening to it lately. RAW’s Cosmic Trigger series, as well as the Illuminatus Trilogy really warped my perceptions of reality for good.
This is a rip of my six tape set available in the late eighties, so there’s an appropriate amount of tape artifacts or the occasional wow and flutter. On the whole, it sounds pretty good though.

Tape 1: The Life and Times of Robert Anton Wilson
Traces Pope Bob’s childhood, formative years, Catholic rearing (pun intended), his lifelong love of James Joyce via an interview.
Warning: Side B has a great example of twisted tape syndrome, wherein a small chunk of it plays backwards. Don’t worry, it’s in a very appropriate place, as you’ll hear!

Download Tape 1

Tape 2: Language and Reality
Incorrigible optimist Bob explores how language shapes our perceptions of the world, or how our reality tunnels are formed. He discusses Korzybski and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other modes of thought construct.

Download Tape 2

Tape 3: Techniques for Consciousness Change
Bob discusses various methods for obtaining various states of consciousness as well as LSD, Sensory Deprivation and Leary’s Eight Circuit model of consciousness and how to reprogram them.

Download Tape 3

Tape 4: Politics and Conspiracy Theory
How trying to unravel the big control conspiracy can both drive you mad and how the more you learn about it, the less plausible, yet undeniably ‘real’ it all becomes. Also how dogmatic religions tend to have their own, unique conspiracy theories.

Download Tape 4

Tape 5: The Acceleration of Knowledge
Live lecture on the doubling of information and how it seems to be occurring at an increasing interval and where Bob thinks we’re headed.

Download Tape 5

Tape 6:
Religion for the Hell of it
The New Inquisition
Hilarious and enlightening two-part lecture in Boulder Co., where Bob rails against all stripes of fundamentalism and the rigid, Aristotalian mind-set, as well as the hardcore skepticism of fundamental materialists (with their mantra of ‘it’s only a coincidence, it’s only a coincidence!’) . Also, the rabbit-UFO connection revealed at last.

Download Tape 6



  1. Wow – this looks great. I’m a big believer in RAW, and hadn’t heard he’d finally walked on.

  2. BIG Thanks for posting these 🙂

  3. you bet.

  4. Excellent 🙂
    Listened to the 1st couple of tapes & have one thing to say: “Fantastic!!!”

    Thanks for posting 🙂

    Any other good spoken word stuff would also be greatly appreciated…….

  5. Thank you ! I had part of this, now it will be complete. R.A.W. & K.V. lost in the same year! Damn.

  6. Yo Chardman!
    Since Pax spents too much time up his own `reality tunnel` and too little time blogging I started to stray.
    Thnx for bringing this set of tapes to my attention.
    Hail Eris!!

    “Oh the reality of it all”

  7. Thank You very much. I’ve had some of those, together with Bill Burroughs recordings from London/NY that I’ve lost somewhere on the road. I love this!

  8. Thank you. I’m really looking forward to listening to these recordings.

  9. […] Amazing Bruce Bickford Robert Anton Wilson Audiobooks December 18, 2008 Incredibly, this post, which featured my audio-rip of my book on cassette set of Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything […]

  10. Sadly, all the links are broken. I was intrigued by the prospect of hearing this set (as a longtime fan of RAW’s books). Please find another host if at all possible. I’m pretty sure they’re not being sold in any medium before, so whatever copyright issues that might exist are basically moot.

  11. Thank you so much for this, sadly the links are down!
    Any chence for a Re-up?

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