Mea Culpa

April 28, 2007

Again, so sorry for being away so long. Multiple life changes. So little time for this, too.

Plus, I am struggling with what I want to do with this space. Perhaps it will resume its original purpose; to share my original audio art, or that of like-minded comrades.

I sort of got burned out expended so much energy on putting up other people’s music. I mainly wanted to contribute to the little international community that had given me so much. I started sharing about a year ago, in the wave of 2006. I was inspired by bloggers such as Lucky, Pax Diero, MoogPower, and many, many others. Some are sadly MIA, and some have come to the same – or similar  – conclusion as I: that it takes us not only away from our creative endeavors, but often sucks us away from our friends and family in real-space.  It’s sad to see so many fine blogs under attack from deleters. I guess it’s the dark side of the share aspect raising its ugly head. I was fortunate to have received very little of that action. I think my meager little blog didn’t get as much traffic and at my peak in the summer of ought-six the deleter aspect wasn’t as prevalent.  I did get one rather snotty cease request from the commercial guardian of Mr. Arthur Brown (for his obscure and long OoP Requiem ) and one extremely polite one from Robert Fripp’s webmaster.

What have I been up to? A little local political blogging, some art, learning circuit bending, purchased a KAOSS Pad, trying for the upteenth time in  25 years to play the guitar to my satisfaction and gearing up to start freelancing in graphic design (my day job, right now).

I will probably be purging some projects that I’ve had on my back burner but were complete enough to share, so there might be a slow trickle of posts for a spell. Keep your eyes peeled.


One comment

  1. Glad you’re back.

    Discovered your blog on the day you posted the Bukowski stuff, and been checking back daily since.

    Keep on with the good work…

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