The Brady Bunch

May 2, 2007

It’s a Sunshine Day: The Best of the Brady Bunch
MCA Records


Fucking awful, that’s what this is.
Insipid and vile from the first note to the last.
Due to the success of a song that sprung from the competing TV show The Partridge Family ( also bloody terrible), The Brady Bunch were forced at gunpoint into recording studios for the rest of that show’s interminable run. Lucky us. We not only get to hear songs that you may remember from that show (Peter’s voice cracking on Time to Change, the titular track Sunshine Day) but the good folks at Universal have bundled up some promo pieces that probably went to advertisers or affiliates.
But did you know that the real secret weapon is their very own rendition of Don McLean’s horrid American Pie, that single-handedly redeems Mrs. Guy Ritchie’s, if that’s even possible. Despite the fact that Florence Henderson and the schmuck who played Greg had some formal vocal training, the whole gang shouts along in a tuneless warble with the vigor of a death-camp choir. This came out in 1972, but you’d be hard pressed to envision this coming from the same era (or planet, for that matter) as the Stooges, The Velvet Underground or even Alice Cooper. No, this was meant to play for the tamest audience and had to appeal to the 80 year old TV executives who worked those poor kids like a 42nd street chicken pimp. I suppose little Cindy’s speech-impediment affected rendition of Frosty the Snowman is a hoot if played through pitch shifting equipment, but who besides weirdos like me has that kind of stuff lying around? There’s even a trucker song, just to keep our horrible 70’s trend thing consistent.

I warned you.




  1. “…played through pitch shifting equipment, but who besides weirdos like me has that kind of stuff lying around?”

    Oh, there are a few of us out there. My personal preference for clean pitch-shifting is Eventide; for the ugly, gurgly stuff a cheap Digitech (available at a pawnshop near you).

    BTW I have a Kaoss Pad too (my third one – they wear out/break rather easily).

    PS – Nice site.

  2. Great site…..great writing.

    What a boring life we lived without music logs. I get to inflict injury upon myself, while listening to this lost gem. I’m not sure how people lived through the syrup of the partridge family.

    On the topic of music and injury…..
    There is a horrific show for young kids that on TV here in Canada (Ontario), most likely in the U.S too called the Doodlebops that that reminds me of the Partridge Family, for some reason Thank god I was just a baby when the Partridge’s did their run…..
    horrific, and soul damaging I say


    There you go. Wikipedia always comes through.

  3. I read your warning and decided to risk some minor brain damage. (^-^*)Thanks for sharing.

    I happen to love The Doodlebops.*blush*

  4. So, you didn’t like it??

  5. I have this CD and I have never been able to listen to it. Even though I am sympathetic to this school of TV pop music – Monkees, Archies, Partridge Family, Sid & Marty Krofft – I agree with your review: it is the worst of the worst.

  6. And yet, I still have the actual CD on my shelf.
    I am pretty sure I am a masochist.

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