Meet the Meat Beetles

May 3, 2007

Sometimes when taking a long break from finding cool music, cool music finds you instead.

The well-named Wongo Starr dropped me a line to let us know about his cool sampledelic band the Meat Beatles. Fantastic tape manipulation, turn-tablisms and great use of sampling are contained herein.

The lengthy track Backwards Devil Music #13 had me chortling coffee out my nose this morning.

They’re so good, I wonder why I haven’t heard of them before.

Go check ’em out!


One comment

  1. Chardman–Thanks for your kind words about the Meat Beetles. Our music was posted with no idea beforehand who would like it or what would happen. Glad to hear you liked it. There will be some new (and new old) stuff posted over the next few days. Check it out.

    Your friends–
    The Meat Beetles

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