Bo Diddley

May 18, 2007

His Greatest Sides


Rock and blues legend Bo Diddley suffered a stroke on Sunday that has left him in intensive care at Creighton University Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska.

A publicist from his management team stated that test have showed the stroke affected the left side of the musicians brain and has impaired his speech and speech recognition. Although little information has been released, it is known that the “Who Do You Love” singer is listed in “guarded” condition. It is not known how long he will remain in the hospital. (link)

I ripped this a few weeks ago for a friend and didn’t think I’d post it (I inadvertently set its bit-rate too low – 128 – whoops!) but now I think I will. Later reports sound like he may make a recovery. Let’s hope so.

This album is my favorite by him and contains some of his best-known hits.


  1. Bo Diddley
  2. You Pretty Thing
  3. Bring it to Jerome
  4. I’m a Man
  5. Diddy Daddy
  6. Dearest Darlin’
  7. Bo Diddley
  8. Who Do You Love?
  9. Roadrunner
  10. Say, Man!
  11. Bo’s Bounce
  12. You Can’t Judge a Book By Looking at the Cover
  13. Crackin’ Up
  14. Hey Bo Diddley

Download (31 megs – 128kbps)


One comment

  1. […] This is sad news. Bo gave us his mutant strain of Martian R&B for over 50 years. I still treasure my copy of the great Chess album His Greatest Sides. […]

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