Some Brian Eno Demo Fragments from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

June 9, 2007

  I have upped a small bundle of early demo versions of songs that eventually made it to MLITBOG. Eno played these on the radio in an interview (worth listening to in itself) during the period he and Byrne were recording it.
Some songs are early sketches of songs that appeared on the album and in the interview he alludes to the song that would become ‘America is Waiting’ (he was calling the stripped down instrumental “Garbage Disco‘, at the time) was recorded by him prior to the Byrne collaboration idea.

Obviously there was no need to include these on the  latest reissue, as they are simply the skeletal workings of the actual songs.

But not to get your hopes up, kids, it’s but three really small excerpts, but I thought you’d find them interesting, nonetheless.


I also have the remix contest source files, if anybody is interested.
If you are handy with GarageBand or any other similar, multitrack music app., you can roll your own remixes of A Secret Life or Help Me Somebody.


One comment

  1. Well well well Brian Eno, has Fragments From My Life and I am The Author Of Fragments Of My Life A Sex Fiction………… Interesting as I mention and Quote, Roxy Music

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