Repost: Firesign Theater’s Dear Friends

June 16, 2007

Dear Friends
Columbia (Original Masters Series)

Originally released as a multi-LP set, this compilation offers some of
the best bits from their syndicated radio program, Dear Friends that was condensed from a twelve hour LP package sold to radio stations across the US in the early seventies.

No standard characters or long sketches, just four guys sitting around a table and messing with our – and each other’s – minds. The largely improvised verbal jam sessions will tie your brain in knots like a pretzel. Falling asleep with this playing will severely tax your ability to maintain any semblance of normal human cognition the following day.
This is probably the rawest (philosophically speaking) form to experience the power of the hellish brains of Ossman, Austin, Bergman and Proctor, still at it after forty years.

Toad Away.




  1. Outstanding!
    A posting of “In The Next World” – or any other Firesign – would be much appreciated!

  2. thanks so much for this! i’ve been wanting to hear it again after a long, long time.

  3. No sweat!
    Maybe I will dig up more.

  4. the who’s line is it anyway album of its time

    no. that’s my name. monte carlo

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