Addios Vinyl

September 1, 2007

Just last weekend I parted with nearly 90% of my vinyl collection. The only things I kept were either of a sentimental nature or things I know are kind of worth something.
There’s no doubt that vinyl has lots of depth and warmth that doesn’t translate to digital formats. I will miss my records, but they took up so much space and were always a storage problem and as I have moved over the decades, have always ended up spending an interim period in a less-than-ideal situation. They’ve been through excessive heat, cold, mildew and finally, my wife – bless her heart – unknowing of the hazards, stacked all my infrequently played records on top of each other in a closet.
I am sure the heat of the summer and combined weight rendered all towards the bottom of the stack nearly unlistenable.

Oh well.
I have donated all that I could live without to KBOO’s book and record sale next week. I have noticed that some of the weirder ones have gotten into the hands of DJs or are in production rooms. I am glad that after so many years and memories, they have gone to record heaven.



  1. Hey, long time no comment – still looking tho’. Me too killed off most of mine -more like 95% actually, including my BABIES (lol)- but the idea that makes it worthwhile (besides having at least 70% of it on digital backup) is that some other person will get completely carried away holding my ol dvinyls – just like i did with mine – much of was second hand…

    so when i handed over the albums to this guy who was arranged to come, and i saw that threw around all the firstpress poison idea stuff, obscure cramps records, kiss bootlegs from 1975 etc i almost paniced and droped dead from immediate heartattack…

    but luckily he paid cash – and i was in a rush to go to spain (had less than 2 hours to get to the airport, in real italian job fashion)…


  2. Thanks for the Pierced Arrows radioshow tipoff. Really must try to catch it. 🙂

  3. So you’re at like… +3000 karma points now among DJs, you know?

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