Radio Activity

September 11, 2007

I just this last Friday manned a mixing console live on the air as part of The Outside World Broken Record Sale, a late-nite collage show featuring some handpicked items to be sold at the following morning’s sale, which benefits KBOO. I had the fortune of sitting in with KBOO’s most creative free-form DJs; Dr. Zomb, Jim “No Soap Radio” Larrance and our host Daniel Flessas, who acted as master of ceremonies.

Many people came and went and read from books and many, many records, CDs and tapes were played on the air, often at the same time. It was a radio engineer’s nightmare.
I had a blast. So much so -in fact – that it was scarcely dampened by the fact that my car got towed away and I ended up spending the wee morning hours liberating it.
If I ever get around to it, I will post audio highlights.



  1. Sounds like you had a blast. Addicting, isn’t it?

  2. Hey, many thanks for the P.A. radio-sap! Only listened to a few minutes worth as I just got back home from holidays but from what I heard sound really really cool. Might write a little follow up to the Dead Moon interview I did for a mag last year based on this recording…so yeah, thanks again, a very nice present to come home to!

  3. Slobo, you are more than welcome. Glad to be of service!
    Startling Moniker: Yes, it is! Thanks, BTW for introducing me to Brizbomb, who is – I discovered – a local homeboy.

  4. No kidding? Nice! I think he’d be fun to see live, but I don’t envy him carting around that rack unit…

  5. Hello, there. This is a reallllly late request, but is there any way that you could repost the Videodrome Old Sounds for New Flesh 60 mins. sounds/dialog mp3 that you had from August & January of last year? I’m a huge Videodrome fan and would love to hear it! Thank you so much,


  6. Sorry, I spoke too soon about the Videodrome post…I just found the active link in the August 2006 post. I was using someone else’s PC and it wasn’t showing up. Thanks for posting this great sound collage!! Take care,


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