Another way to experience Kill Ugly Radio

September 29, 2007

I am gratified to get comments and visits related to my somewhat stalled radio project Kill Ugly Radio.
People seem to dig my Videodrome one the most.

Here’s another way to listen to them – and lots of other audio things. It’s SeeqPod. Have you heard of this?
It’s a great audio search engine. It doesn’t allow you to download anything, but I have found many cool things with it.
If you – like me – are a little burned out by downloading music obsessively – and just want a way to listen to music on the internet or just want to sample music you’ve only heard about, this is the shit.

You simply enter a search, click on the song and it starts playing it in a playlist.
Clicking on more songs queues them up in the playlist. If you sign up,
you can save and edit and share playlists.

Here’s one I did last week.

And here’s one I made this week.

But I digress.

Kill Ugly Radio Archives can be found here.
It’s not all of them, but – in my opinion – these ones are the best. You don’t really want to hear me learning how to work a mixing board, so most of my earlier ones have been omitted.

Let me know if this works for ‘yall.



  1. I have been a SeeqPodder since they put the site up, although I never felt like signing up… I use it almost every day, just to queue up a bunch of stuff– songs I already own but don’t feel like reaching to the shelf for, things I heard once but never bought, and random stuff I want to check out before I buy it… SeeqPod is awesome, no doubt.

  2. how can i contact you outside of posting a comment?

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